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Wandering Soul by Cassandra Chandler

A woman with a secret…

Elsa Sinclair is known for the realism in her historical novels. What people don’t know is that she travels back in time to research them. When she stumbles across the man behind the legend of the Phantom of the Opera, she finds she can’t leave him to his fate.

A man out of time…

Dante Lucerne is shocked to find himself pulled from certain death and carried to another time and continent. The new world is full of wonders, not the least of which is the woman who saved him.

A darkness threatens…

As their love blossoms, specters from the past arise to keep them apart. And if Dante can’t help Elsa let go of her secrets, more than their love may be lost.

This is the second edition of the same novel originally released in July of 2015.

The Vampire's Accidental Wife The Vampire's Accidental Wife