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Author: Andy Frankham-Allen

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Mundus Cerialis - Space: 1889 & Beyond Season Two

  • Number: 9781611874938
  • Release: 2012-12-05
  • Authors: Andy Frankham-Allen, Sharon Bidwell
  • Genre: Sci-Fi
  • Tags: * SF: Steampunk
  • Publisher: Untreed Reads Publishing

The Heart, a mysterious ancient life form around which the Earth's moon was shaped, contains the secrets of the ages. Secrets it is willing to share with humanity. Only the British Empire is telling no one, not even their allies. In a concealed base, researchers are developing a method to push the Empire beyond the limits of the Asteroid Belt. To succeed, they need certain, previously unknown, minerals and metals.

To that end they have assembled a top covert team: Scientific genius, Professor Nathanial Stone; American adventuress, Miss Annabelle Somerset; and the former captain of the Royal Navy's flagship, Jacob Folkard, who is linked telepathically to the Heart. Before the mission can begin, though, they require one more person: French mineralogist extraordinaire, Arnaud Fontaine.

Their journey takes them on a detour to Messor Base, a mining instillation on Ceres, the largest body in the Asteroid Belt. Things are not running as smoothly as they appear. People are missing, fresh meat is being served in the canteen... How far will Dylan Blayney, administrator of the base, go to keep the truth hidden?

For in the world of Ceres, something has been disturbed, and a great price must be paid.

Mundus Cerialis

Times Change

  • Number: B007QG5ZE2
  • Release: 2012-03-30
  • Author: Andy Frankham-Allen
  • Genre: Romance
  • Tags: * ROM: Paranormal / Sci-Fi / Fantasy, Horror
  • Publisher: Untreed Reads Publishing

A creature of myth, a myth of horrific legend, a legend of violation.

Throughout history, women have been enthralled, unable to resist their desire upon laying eyes upon this perfect example of man. Caitlyn is one such woman. She’s always been looking for the perfect man, and when Iago walks into her life, she is certain she has found him.

But then her housemate, Hunter, sees Iago from a distance and realizes that he, too, has found his perfect man.

Throughout history women have been enthralled... but times change.

Times Change

Journey to the Heart of Luna - Space: 1889 & Beyond

  • Number: B005LO4G7S
  • Release: 2011-09-06
  • Author: Andy Frankham-Allen
  • Genre: Sci-Fi
  • Tags: * SF: Steampunk
  • Publisher: Untreed Reads Publishing

Untreed Reads is proud to present SPACE: 1889 & BEYOND, a brand-new series of books based on the award-winning steampunk role-playing game created by Frank Chadwick. A universe in which Victorian science has breached the barrier of Earth's atmosphere and is spreading out among the stars.

In this exciting first entry in the series we're introduced to our heroes, "Professor" Nathanial Stone and his ward, Miss Annabelle Somerset. Join them as they travel the inner planets, encountering giant ants, lizard-men, ghosts, crazed scientists and, of course, Martians!

Adventure is never far away when you live in 1889...

Journey to the Heart of Luna


  • Number: B004I43TPM
  • Release: 2011-01-05
  • Author: Andy Frankham-Allen
  • Genre: Suspense
  • Tags: Horror
  • Publisher: Untreed Reads Publishing

Corey has about had it with his coworker Duncan. No matter what Duncan says or does, it gets on Corey's last nerve. When a mysterious figure points Corey towards ammunition to use against his adversary, is it really a stroke of luck or something far more evil? A short piece of horror from the author of ONE MISTAKE and OFF FLESH.


Seeker - The Garden, Book One of Four

  • Number: B004SHNNTG
  • Release: 2011-03-16
  • Author: Andy Frankham-Allen
  • Genre: Erotica
  • Tags: Gay / Lesbian / GLBTQ, * SF: Fantasy
  • Publisher: Untreed Reads Publishing

The Ancient nodded. “The Book will explain this to you. One day the Seeker shall appear, and with my blood in your veins you will know him...”

Meet Willem Townsend: London-based entrepreneur; loyal friend; loving uncle. He seems to have everything going for him, but deep down Will is trapped by work, family, and the sheer mundanity of daily routine. Stepping outside his comfort zone he begins an internet romance and, despite the reservations of his best friend Jake, Will arranges to meet his lover for a weekend getaway.The weekend passes, and not a word is heard from Will. Jake organises a search for his friend, fearing the worst, and as Jake’s frenetic hunt progresses, he begins to realise that Will may have meant more to him than he was willing to believe.

In Southend, a naked man is found in a garden, suffering from a trauma that he cannot recall. And when the memories come flooding back, they are borne by blood. He holds the key to a secret world where the price of entry is death…


Serere - A Prelude to THE GARDEN Series

  • Number: B004Q3RR6C
  • Release: 2011-02-28
  • Author: Andy Frankham-Allen
  • Genre: Sci-Fi
  • Tags: * SF: Fantasy
  • Publisher: Untreed Reads Publishing

n 1788 a mysterious man arrives in Newington Green, England, to discuss something of the utmost importance with Isobel Shelley. While there he happens upon the pages of the Book of Origin, and finds himself caught up in a series of events that lead him back to Newington Green 214 years later. There he bumps into a man called Willem Townsend; it is an accidental encounter that will change the lives of both men forever. Things have been set in motion, a prophecy waits to be fulfilled... "A man can surely do what he wills to do, but cannot determine what he wills."

This ebook-exclusive novella is a prelude to Frankham-Allen's upcoming series THE GARDEN, launching in March 2011 with SEEKER. The series will launch simultaneously in print from Hirst Publishing and in ebook format from Untreed Reads.


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