• On Aug 24, 2019, debbied said: Milk Chocolate

    I love Snickers bars.

  • On Aug 23, 2019, adila said: Mostly dark chocolate...

    but I love all kinds of chocolate.

  • On Aug 22, 2019, robolaryea said: dark chocolate for me

    I prefer dark chocolate because my wife is a sexy dark chocolate.

  • On Aug 21, 2019, SandyH said: dark is definitely the best!

    i like dark, generally under 80%. I can tolerate some milk chocolate (hershey's kisses) and when I bake i use semisweet. but for snacking, it's Lindt Dark or Godiva semisweet chocolate chips.

  • On Aug 21, 2019, Purpleunicorn said: Chocolate

    I like milk chocolate. My favorite is the 100 Grand bar.

  • On Aug 19, 2019, DebbyG said: Chocolate

    I love dark chocolate.

  • On Aug 18, 2019, Lostintime said: Yummy

    I love all chocolate ??

  • On Aug 18, 2019, cbqtie said: Milk chocolate

    I love milk chocolate. Especially a Caramello bar.

  • On Aug 18, 2019, attessac said: Chocolate

    Dark Chocolate from Godiva

  • On Aug 18, 2019, Nicky said: Chocolate

    I love milk chocolate!

  • On Aug 16, 2019, LoriP said: Chocloate

    I like Milk chocolate best.

  • On Aug 16, 2019, maryrbrannian said: Favorite Chocolate

    Milk chocolate; it's even more special if I can share it with my honey!

  • On Aug 15, 2019, kcharlton said: chocolate

    I love dark semi sweet!

  • On Aug 15, 2019, AshleyAnne said: Yum!!

    I love chocolate in general!! The book looks like a great read!!

  • On Aug 14, 2019, Lys Lucky said: Chocolate! Yum!

    Thanks for the great chocolate suggestions! I'm looking forward to trying them!

  • On Aug 13, 2019, Melanie B said: Chocolate

    Dark chocolate is my favorite

  • On Aug 13, 2019, BookAnime said: Cholocate

    Dark chocolate

  • On Aug 13, 2019, clarkws said: Love Chocolate

    I love anything chocolate...any kind of chocolate. If my tax return was covered in chocolate I would probably eat it.

  • On Aug 12, 2019, Tamara Kasyan said: Chocolate

    White chocolate is my favorite. Even better with a hint of mint. But my addiction right now is Caramel M&Ms

  • On Aug 11, 2019, VSloboda said: Darker the better

    Dark chocolate for me :).

  • On Aug 11, 2019, AtTheMapleTable said: Chocolate

    I love it all! But I do go for dark chocolate more than any other.

  • On Aug 11, 2019, Tashia Jennings said: Milk

    My favorite it milk chocolate!

  • On Aug 10, 2019, EvaM said: Chocolate

    Mostly Milk with nuts, like Toblerone

  • On Aug 10, 2019, Amy S said: Chocolate

    My favorite chocolate is dark chocolate. I am also a girl who won't turn down any kind of chocolate unless it has hot spices added.

  • On Aug 10, 2019, jmcgaugh said: Chocolate

    It's dark for me!

  • On Aug 10, 2019, JeanMP said: Chocolate

    Milk chocolate

  • On Aug 09, 2019, angienb said: Chocolate

    Milk Chocolate especially with nuts like almonds or pistachios.

  • On Aug 09, 2019, Twistedrose said: Chocolate

    Love dark chocolate ??

  • On Aug 08, 2019, catruf said: Chocolate

    I love all things chocolate, but my go to is milk chocolate.

  • On Aug 08, 2019, Lisaward said: Comment

    I enjoy all types of chocolate ??

  • On Aug 08, 2019, debbiew said: Chocolate

    Milk chocolate or white chocolate

  • On Aug 08, 2019, LasVegasNan said: Favorite


  • On Aug 04, 2019, VSloboda said: chocolate?

    Dark please ;).

  • On Aug 04, 2019, shorty said: Chocolate

    My favorite is dark chocolate. I love Dove dark chocolate.

  • On Aug 03, 2019, Tamazon said: Milk

    Milk Chocolate all the way for me. I'll take dark if it's all that is available. It is Chocolate.

  • On Aug 03, 2019, ELF said: Not a fan of dark chocolate, but perhaps...

    I should give it another try. Thanks for your recommendations!

  • On Aug 02, 2019, Bmhy said: Chocolate

    Even though I enjoy both, milk chocolate is my favorite.

  • On Aug 02, 2019, honeyb said: Chocolate ??

    I prefer Milk chocolate the best and in a milkshake the most

  • On Aug 02, 2019, greenshamrock said: Chocolate

    I am a milk chocolate lover... especially if it has nuts!

  • On Aug 02, 2019, jana said: chocolate

    Both - I can't say no to either one.

  • On Aug 02, 2019, bncandg said: re:


  • On Aug 02, 2019, Glenda said: Favorite Chocolate?

    To be honest, my favorite chocolate at any given time depends on my mood. Dark chocolate does have the benefit of being lower calorie lots of the time but at times it is too bitter for my mood.