• On Jan 25, 2020, librarypat said: Prohibition

    My grandfather's family home straddled the Canadian-New York border. During prohibition, they would bring booze into the kitchen which was in Canada. They would go out the front door in New York, load it into the car, and run it to NYC for the speakeasies.

  • On Jan 23, 2020, dolphinBaby said: relatives

    I know nothing about my relatives except im irish

  • On Jan 20, 2020, gincam said: MY AMAZING GRAN

    My grandmother was an amazing, intelligent, and talented woman! She was the best cook ever--she could measure with her hands and fingers, and everything came out just perfect. She could do all types of needlework, and she was very knowledgeable about antiques and etiquette, She could for a walk with you and tell you the names of all the plants and trees that you saw along the way. In her youth she was a model and also operated a small eatery called "The Bluebird Tea Room". I would not be the person that I am today without my beloved Gran.

  • On Jan 19, 2020, dbranigan said: History

    I have researched my family for about 40 years. I guess one thing that is interesting is that I have two Salem witches in my history, a great++...-grandmother Ann Pudeator and an Grand++...-aunt Sarah Wilde.

  • On Jan 18, 2020, NAPAYETTE said: Mom

    My mom learned English by ear. Went on to have a successful career in the USA.

  • On Jan 18, 2020, sunshinehdfan said: history

    I don't think any of them did anything. LOL

  • On Jan 16, 2020, Glenda said: relatives

    One of my great grandmothers gave birth in the morning and then went to vote in the afternoon the first year women were allowed to vote. Her choice for mayor won by a single vote.

  • On Jan 16, 2020, shorty said: roots

    I have not done any research on my family history.

  • On Jan 16, 2020, VSloboda said: interesting fact

    My ancestor, Timothy Hawks, was the first person to cross the mountains into CA with a mule train. Before him, it was all oxen, and he did that too.

  • On Jan 15, 2020, Grace Henley said: Relatives

    I haven't done much digging into my family history, but I have listened to my grandparents tell about my family, and it is very interesting.

  • On Jan 15, 2020, Rkcjmomma said: Past

    Never done any digging yet but I plan to

  • On Jan 15, 2020, urschler said: ancestors

    I've had a DNA test to see my genetic makeup but haven't gone any farther than that.

  • On Jan 14, 2020, honeyb said: Generations Past

    I've Never done any digging so I don't know anything about my Familys Past

  • On Jan 14, 2020, debbied said: relative

    I am related to Woodrow Wilson and Queen Elizabeth.

  • On Jan 14, 2020, bncandg said: re:

    can't think of anything