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    book sounds interesting ... have someone in mind whom would love it

    usb is all mine ... really could use it

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    I’ve had quite a few unexplained experiences!

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    No I haven't

    These books look good

    Thank You for the chance to win

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    I have been in a room with an old chaise from a funeral parlor. It was very cold and eerie. The rest of the house was a comfortable temperature.

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    Love the giveaway

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    I think I would really like this! I love the line where it says "a hot guy who would make the perfect boyfriend if he were alive".

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    Enjoyed reading the post, the book sounds really intriguing

  • On Jan 18, 2018, davisbk said: This book sounds fantastic, and I'm adding it to my wish list now.

    I didn't believe in ghosts, until I saw one while visiting an old hotel in California. I don't think everyone comes back as a ghost. I think birds are messengers. And, I have felt another presence in the room with me, and could see nobody.

  • On Jan 17, 2018, Michelle Willms said: Unsettling happenings

    I, too, have had many strange things happen to me over the years. I've seen ghosts/spirits, dreamed of deceased relatives and the dreams were so very vivid I awoke just KNOWING my loved ones were alive again. I've visited graveyards where voices whispered in my ears, something touched my shoulders and moved my hair (the better to whisper in my ear) - though there was no one there when I turned to look. I've lived in two haunted houses.

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    I look forward to reading these. Thanks

  • On Jan 17, 2018, Bonnie said: A great new series on a favorite topic

    I've had a few encounters with the supernatural over the course of my life, too. For some reason, I've never been able to be "comfortable" with ghostly encounters. Perhaps that's why I like reading the stories. This new series as an interesting background environment...a mortician's daughter? A ghost boyfriend? Looking forward to reading this series!

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    These all sound awesome

    Thanks for sharing with us and for the chance to win

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    Thank you for this wonderful chance!

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    This sounds interesting and fun. Would love to read more and

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    Definitely my kind of Read

    New Author for me

    Thank you for the Chance

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    Love these books and C.C. Hunter! Thank you

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    I loved reading about the author's experiences. I think it's fascinating how she took her personal encounters and wove them into the characters of the book. I'm also intrigued by the book description - it sounds entertaining and thrilling! I'd love to win, but even if I don't, I'm adding it to my list to read later.

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    Very Interesting

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    I would like to give thanks for all your really great writings, including . I wish the best in keeping up the good work in the future.

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    @ jaynep - So many of us not so young adults are loving YA. I've found I enjoy the genre both in print and as an audiobook. There are so many great stories. As a paranormal and fantasy lover, YA has so much choice.

  • On Jan 01, 2018, jaynep said: Can't wait to read this

    I am way to old to be a teen or even a young adult! I would hae dismissed this because of that, but the title and cover drew me in. Can't wait to read this after reading the description.

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    Such an interesting post! I gained quite a bit of new info and found myself excited for the Mortician's Daughter novel. It sounds like a great concept. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the chance at a prize.

  • On Dec 30, 2017, rudybull said: C.C. Hunter, I See Dead People #LettersFromtheAuthors #ReaderGiveaway

    The dreams you had, wow for a young girl I would have been scared so bad. As an adult I had a dream of my sister, also an adult, falling from a cliff it was so vivid. I could see the tops of pine trees we were with our husbands and she just slipped, I turned to the walk way and ran down as fast as I could when I reached the ground she was already there. I woke with such a start, I have never told my sister, didn't want her to be frightened something was going to happen. You are the perfect person to write this book drawing from your own fright and adding to it, giving us a clear and vivid experience. Thanks for sharing.

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    I cannot wait to read this! I would like to thank you so much for your involvement in this fine giveaway and for giving a chance for us to win.

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    Thanks so much for the the opportunity! This series sounds great and I am adding it to my to-read list

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    Love the blurb. Kind of interesting that the main character is the daughter of the mortician which is a respectable occupation

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    Thanks for the chance! It sounds good. I loved the Shawow Falls series!

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    Thanks so much for the chance! They are so cool!!

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    Wow , it's going to seem like a lifetime till next we read.

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    Love the post. Very interesting. Look forward to reading this series.

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    Actually looking Forward to reading!!

  • On Dec 27, 2017, Blkrze said: Yep

    Someone/something shook my bed, I was 18 . Stepdad and mom and few other family members took my bed apart , climbed under house. Checked so many reasons why, and nothing. And as I would literally feel a person shaking the bed... and my hubby and granny when they passed within 3months of each other for 2 yrs I smelt them standing beside me ,especially at bad sure I’ll get some eye rolls but he nest truth and still smelt them up to about year ago ( 7 yrs ago they passed) my mom can sense close family members deaths in her dreams, see them in coffin,what they are wearing in the coffin. We have several ppl in our family that is little more sensitive than most ppl we know

  • On Dec 27, 2017, Bonnie said: I've had experiences like these

    I've been fearful of ghosts most of my life (and that's a long time), because I've felt the presence of someone, and then couldn't see anyone. I've had dreams about people I knew had died - and they have spoken to me in those dreams. There are places in this world that "we the living" would be advised not to go wandering in, and certainly not spend a night in. I've been in one such place, and spent a night there (not knowing what was present)...and been scared out of my wits! I was living there at the time...but not for long, after that experience!

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    Sounds like a couple of great books. I can't wait till they become available. Thank for the chance.

  • On Dec 27, 2017, starsunraveling said: sounds like a good read

    I hate that feeling the one where you feel like your are being watched or or it feels like someone is in a room with you but your alone it scares me hella bad lol

  • On Dec 27, 2017, somerss said: USB DRIVE GIVEAWAY

    I believe everyone has a sixth sense and that certain events in your life can make you more in tune to it than others. Children are reported to be more in tune because they haven't been influenced by outside things. I'm looking forward to reading Riley's story.

  • On Dec 27, 2017, YvonneTCruz said: I believe we all have a 6th sense

    I believe we all have the capability to develop a sixth sense. Few develop it, possibly due to fear. A great believer of not pushing those " feeling" out of the way

  • On Dec 27, 2017, smeek said: TBR pile

    I've added this to my TBR list!

  • On Dec 27, 2017, Ivythebookgeek said: Intriguing

    I believe, I've felt things like that. My child at almost 3 used to love going to my grandma's house so he could talk to his favorite uncle who'd passed when he was 1 1/2 yo, so I absolutely believe.

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    Awesome!! Thanks for the chance.

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    I look forward to reading this series. They sound very interesting.

  • On Dec 27, 2017, Michelle Willms said: Ghosts and weirdness

    This was a great post. I, too, have experienced some strange things throughout my life. I continue to dream about my grandmother, who died more than 30 years ago. We have some wonderful conversations. Her passing was very traumatic for me. I've also seen spirits, had the eerie feelings you've described, and lived in a couple of haunted houses. Your series sounds wonderful and I look forward to reading it.

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    I love this! Thanks for the chance!

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    I love this.

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    Sounds like an interesting book. Thanks for the chance to win.

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    This is awesome!

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    interesting post