• On Oct 31, 2014, elsie said: Booklover Halloween

    So many to choose from. However, Ghost, Nobody Wins and Harbour Falls are on my list to read

  • On Oct 31, 2014, Thomas Murphy said: giveaway

    I want to read Ghost

  • On Oct 30, 2014, Diana Coyle said: Halloween Booklover Contest

    There are so many new books that I'd love to read, I just don't know where to start first. What a great contest!

  • On Oct 30, 2014, pwall said: Books

    Some of these I have read like the D D Ayers books- very good. Others like Marked can't wait to read

  • On Oct 30, 2014, thejo said: Halloween Booklover Contest

    Oooh, so many books to choose from.... :) I would luv to read Irresistible Force by DD Ayres. The cover alone is drool worthy.

    Thanks for the contest and the chance at great prizes.


  • On Oct 30, 2014, pansypetal said: So much to read . . .

    So much to read - so little time. And you want me to choose one? Hmmmmm . . . Rebecca Zanetti is always a good choice. And there is Erin Quinn and Erika Wilde. But wait! Melody Anne has a new series and it sounds interesting and exciting. I need to go read now!

  • On Oct 30, 2014, Jbst said: Halloween Cst

    So many good choices. My pick would be Angel Kin.

  • On Oct 30, 2014, suzyrph said: Holloween Contest

    Night Owl Review always puts on great contests. Great prizes.

  • On Oct 29, 2014, Texas Book Lover said: 2014 Halloween Booklovers Contest #NORHalloween

    Gah! It's so hard to pick just one! But I'll admit that Irresistible Force drew my attention with not only the premise of the story but that super hot cover!

  • On Oct 29, 2014, booksrforever said: contest

    I love entering these contest because great prizes are given out, but why does everyone have to have you post to twitter. I don't have an account and have no idea on how to even post to twitter and I feel these contests that require it are unfair.

  • On Oct 29, 2014, ksbanks said: Booklover Halloween Contest

    I've got AfterLife (The Starbuck Chronicles Book 1) by Zoe Dawson on my Amazon wishlist already! Can't wait to be able to get & read this book! I'm really going to enjoy the upcoming Halloween event, also!

  • On Oct 28, 2014, Reader said: want to read...

    Burned by Tara Sivec

  • On Oct 28, 2014, BookLiaison said: Great Selection

    Marked, Irresistible Force, and Once Upon a Tiger all sound great!

  • On Oct 28, 2014, Jana Leah said: giveaway

    These all sound great. Would love to read Sharon Hamilton's Mortal Bite. Thanks.

  • On Oct 27, 2014, Bemiown said: CONTEST

    I would like to read PERFECT LADY. Great contest

  • On Oct 27, 2014, Beth C said: comment

    There are way too many I want to read to try and say which is top of the list. Love paranormal and sci-fi.

  • On Oct 27, 2014, buckeye said: Ghost

    Sounds like a very good book by an author I have yet to read.

  • On Oct 26, 2014, Mberbeza said: Looking forward to the event!

    Can't wait to chat with some of my favorite authors. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • On Oct 26, 2014, Mberbeza said: Paranormal!

    I love paranormal romance, so I would prefer to receive a title in that genre, but almost anything except horror would be acceptable! :-)

  • On Oct 26, 2014, atiffyfit said: Hmmm I would choose...

    All of them, of course! But I must say that I'm looking forward to Mimi Sebastian's THE NECROMANCER'S BETRAYAL!

  • On Oct 26, 2014, Feliciamarie said: awesome books

    All of these books are so cool!!!

  • On Oct 26, 2014, ghpierson said: 2014 Halloween Booklovers Contest

    I would love to read A Pirate's Revenge by M. L. Guida. There was so many good books to choose from.

  • On Oct 25, 2014, MinDaf said: So many sounds good

    There are many that sound great. Sandy James, Lucy Monroe, Robin Bielman,,,, way to many to name :)

  • On Oct 25, 2014, Gabrielle said: Halloween contest

    I would love to read Once upon a tiger by Kat Simmons.

  • On Oct 25, 2014, Wendy G said: 2014 Halloween Booklovers Contest

    Good Luck everyone! Keeping my fingers crossed, would love to add all these books to my collection.

  • On Oct 25, 2014, melanieb said: Halloween Booklovers contest

    I would really love to read all of them, lol. I love to read in my spare time. I think I would like to read Bound by Melody Anne.

    Thank you so much for the contest! :)

  • On Oct 25, 2014, anita said: Halloween Contest.....

    Many new-to-me authors. I'll have to get

    to know them! Thanks for the giveaway!


  • On Oct 25, 2014, anita said: Halloween Contest.......

    Venice In The Moonlight looks and sounds

    good! Thanks for the great contest!

    Patricia Cochran

  • On Oct 24, 2014, jbalinski said: Books

    I can't wait to read Marked by Rebecca Zanetti. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • On Oct 24, 2014, robertsonreads said: Irresistible Force by D D Ayers

    I would love to read Irresistible Force by D D Ayers as she is a new to me author and her cover caught my eye.

    Thank you,

    Ginger Robertson aka robertsonreads

  • On Oct 24, 2014, clynsg said: TBR

    Knight Blindness sounds interesting, but several do look rather intriguing.

  • On Oct 24, 2014, Robin Thompson said: Thank you for the chance

    Irresistible Force (A K-9 Rescue Novel) was already on my wish list. It would be great to get it

  • On Oct 24, 2014, Mmndesa said: I love to read Romance, Vampire, alright any wonderful book

    I would Love to WIN any of them! Lauren Smith, Erin Quinn, several others are amazing authors I have book cases of printed books. Thanks for the opportunity to enjoy even more.

  • On Oct 24, 2014, bookskater said: I would like to read all of them

    If I have to choose 1 I will go with Once Upon a Tiger by Kat Simons

  • On Oct 24, 2014, jaynep said: Halloween Booklovers Event

    To many look to good for me to pick just one.

  • On Oct 24, 2014, ELF said: It will depend on the time of day, lol

    They all look so interesting, and I see authors that I already like to read, such as Rebecca Zanetti, covers that are so intriguing...and others that look like titles that I would want to only read during daylight! Thanks for the lovely contest AND for having entries for those of us who don't use FB!

  • On Oct 24, 2014, Kayla said: books

    All of them!

  • On Oct 23, 2014, adaffern said: Giveaway

    Wicked Desire

  • On Oct 23, 2014, Stacey said: Halloween-Booklovers

    I most want Mortal Bite by Sharon Halmilton

  • On Oct 23, 2014, lilytiger said: books

    I'd like to read the Erin Quinn book but I'm always willing to try a new author.

  • On Oct 23, 2014, fyrestorme said: Zanetti's new book Marked coming out soon!

    I really like Rebecca Zanetti and Lucy Monroe.

  • On Oct 23, 2014, FanLit said: Giveaway

    Perhaps Rebecca Zennetti or Lucy Monroe.

  • On Oct 23, 2014, Carrie E said: Excitement

    In excited to read Sandy James and more Lucy Monroe!!

  • On Oct 23, 2014, LokiTonyStarklover said: Amanda

    I pick Afterlife by Zoe Dawson it looks like it would be a great book.

  • On Oct 23, 2014, TxDee said: Looking for New Authors

    I'm already a fan of Lucy Monroe, but this is a great way to get to know writers new to me. Thanks!

  • On Oct 23, 2014, Weinerkid said: How to choose

    Most of these authors are new to me, but so many sound so great I would have a hard time choosing!!

  • On Oct 23, 2014, Soda said: anything with out of the box thinking and romance

    One thing I would really like to read is Artemis's Hunt by Lia Davis as she is an author I am not familiar with but it is so hard to choose as there are so many to choose from and they are all so great in their own rights and on different merits. I would so happy with any of them. Thank you for yet another opportunity to do another awesome and fun giveaway.

  • On Oct 23, 2014, SierraRaven said: Contest Entry

    Favorite book is "Hidden Shadows."

  • On Oct 23, 2014, squiresj said: contest

    Would love to win - love so many

  • On Oct 23, 2014, CassB said: So many choices

    Lots of great choices, top is probably Lucy Monroe's book.

  • On Oct 23, 2014, hhand said: Any !

    I am a huge fan of Gail Koger and her Coletti series. And I want to read Krystal Shanahan's shifter series and Viking Vampire.

  • On Oct 22, 2014, Wiccachic said: Halloween Contest

    Something I'd like to read from ARE or other sponsor is Sand and Ruin and Gold or The Harvest (both plots seem very interesting)

  • On Oct 22, 2014, sbashaw said: So many books, so little time!

    Great choices!

  • On Oct 22, 2014, jkmsw said: Halloween Contest

    I love reading so I would enjoy any book!

  • On Oct 22, 2014, Tara W said: Hard to choose just one.

    I would love to read A Pirate's Revenge by ML Guida.

  • On Oct 22, 2014, vstubella said: Great Halloween Contest

    I am a big fan of All Romance eBooks. It's fun to participate in the contests, get rebates and buy 10 get 1 free deals.

  • On Oct 22, 2014, Donna A said: Terrific choices

    But if I can only choose 1 it would be A Virgin for His Prize.

  • On Oct 22, 2014, Micky said: Book I'd like to read

    I'd like to read Wicked Designs by Lauren Smith, a Regency romance.

  • On Oct 22, 2014, giosicat said: contest

    I'd love to read Melody Anne's as I've read her other series. And also Rebecca Zanetti's is another I've read and enjoy. Darn I just want to read them all! LOL! Thanks so much!

  • On Oct 22, 2014, Sweettoothtoo said: Great Contest

    I would like to read Rebecca Zanetti's Marked

  • On Oct 22, 2014, mjeffers said: How Exciting!!

    I love to read so any book will be great! BOUND sounds most exciting!!!! Thanks for the opportunity.

  • On Oct 22, 2014, Mmills said: So many choices

    Think I want to start with Irresistible Force.

  • On Oct 22, 2014, Smiles said: excellent contest

    what a great collection of books. I haven't tried a lot of these authors. Thank you

  • On Oct 22, 2014, Tigz said: Halloween Comp

    Looking forward to Melody Anne's Bound. Love her books, read all of the Billionaire Bachelors series already. Can't wait to get this new book!

  • On Oct 22, 2014, Ssernell said: Love!

    I love your contests. I always manage to add two or three or ten books to my to be read list!!

  • On Oct 22, 2014, srothchild said: wow choices choices

    I love Gail Koger's series and need the 2nd book, but I have also been following Rebecca Zanetti's Dark Protectors since I found the 1st in paperback. Either would give me pleasure.

  • On Oct 21, 2014, booksforme said: So many awesome books!

    Marked by Rebecca Zanetti would be awesome but they all look so good!

  • On Oct 20, 2014, kbroadus said: THANKS FOR THE GIVEAWAY

    I love anything paranormal so im excited to read any of the books listed

  • On Oct 20, 2014, southerngirl said: Thanks

    Thanks for an awesome contest!

  • On Oct 20, 2014, liltodd said: Excited

    Love Melody Anne but excited for all!! Good luck to everyone!! :-)

  • On Oct 20, 2014, sue Leech said: contest

    What a great contest and glad to be part of it. I do book reviews for authors and publishing companies who sends me print or arc books to review. sue Leech

  • On Oct 20, 2014, kygirl said: My pick

    Rebecca Zanetti MARKED. Have read the others can't wait for this one

  • On Oct 20, 2014, proudarmymom said: Oh so many I want!

    I can't wait to read them all. I think I will start with Passion of Sleepy Hollow by Lexi Post and then work through the rest.

  • On Oct 20, 2014, melanieanu said: I just don't know .....

    To be honest .... I've no preference as to which book I would like to read first!!!

    They all have their own merits ... I suppose it would depend upon my mood at the time lol!! :)

  • On Oct 20, 2014, katz said: Wicked Designs

    Would like to read Wicked Designs by Lauren Smith.

  • On Oct 19, 2014, susanclement said: Coletti Warlords

    Love Gail Koger's books. I can never wait for the next one! Love the humor, world building and character development! Lots of great books to choose from. Thanks!

  • On Oct 18, 2014, amybowens said: Happy Halloween

    So many great new books to check out. I'm a huge fan of Melody Anne, Erin Leaf, and Lucy Monroe.

  • On Oct 18, 2014, avidalyreader said: avid reader

    Thanks for an awesome giveaway. Lots of wonderful book to choose from.

  • On Oct 17, 2014, Sylvie said: Paranormal Addict Here!

    I love anything and everything Paranormal, especially vampires, and I can see there is plenty here to keep me reading well into the night! Thanks!

  • On Oct 17, 2014, navseawife said: The Book I want to read

    I would love to read Tara Sivec's Burned! Love her books

  • On Oct 17, 2014, sammiesue said: Thanks for the giveaway!

    I would love to read Melody Anne's and Sharon Hamilton's books! :) I have already read Krystal Shannan and S.E. Babin's books and loved them! :)

  • On Oct 17, 2014, Nikkif said: Great Giveaway

    there are alot of books on this list that I want to read. thank you for the giveaway

  • On Oct 17, 2014, maryhintonarmbrust said: love reading

    I love to read and Karen Ann Dell is an amazing author as is most of these author's on this list. I constantly am reading and I love that my job allows us to read the entire time in between taking calls

  • On Oct 17, 2014, KPBaudoin said: Excellent Giveaway!!

    Lots of great reads listed here. But my favorite on the list is Jordan K. Rose. Her books are awesome!!

  • On Oct 17, 2014, michelleb said: Happy Halloween

    I can't wait to read Marked by Rebecca Zannetti. This is the books everyone has been waiting for.

  • On Oct 16, 2014, jeepgirl said: Books!

    I would love to read anything by S.R Grey!

  • On Oct 16, 2014, LadyWolf said: Found my next read

    I would love to read Once Upon a Tiger by Kat Simons. I just love a good shifter book!

  • On Oct 15, 2014, KimberleyC said: Book I want to read

    You guys are making it hard to choose just 1...I want to read 'em all. But the one on top of my list is MARKED by Rebecca Zannetti

  • On Oct 15, 2014, Michelle Willms said: Books and more books!

    It is so very difficult to make a choice among all these wonderful books. I have selected Passion of Sleepy Hollow as the book I most want to read, but there are so many others that are equally compelling. This is quite a selection!

  • On Oct 15, 2014, kaisquared said: Book I Want To Read

    A Honeybun in Hell by Sam Cheever sounds good to me, but I want them all!

  • On Oct 15, 2014, bibbiesparks said: Happy Halloween

    I think the giveaway is great.

  • On Oct 15, 2014, kytina said: Awesone Giveaway

    Thanks for the great giveaway. I would love any of these books by any of these incredible authors, especially Tara Sivec.

  • On Oct 15, 2014, MaryMagda said: GIVEAWAY

    Awesome Giveaway! Thank you for the chance to win in the great giveaway!

  • On Oct 15, 2014, Hotcha said: BOOKLOVERS CONTEST


  • On Oct 14, 2014, brookeblogs said: Awesome books!

    I really would like to read A Viking Vampire and Wicket Designs. Plus so many others - they all look great!

  • On Oct 14, 2014, Brandi said: Book I Want To Read

    I want to read A Pirate's Revenge by ML Guida :) Love pirates!!

  • On Oct 14, 2014, brendala said: 2014 Halloween Booklover Contest Event

    What a great contest with so many books and prizes. it all looks wonderful

  • On Oct 14, 2014, Ashley F said: Halloween or should I say Howloween Book lovers contest? XD

    Lots of lovely books to choice from and thanks for having the giveaway guys and gals :) Always nice to have lots of tricks and treats this time of year isn't it? ;) .

  • On Oct 14, 2014, Melissa Leben said: Booklovers Halloween Contest

    I really want to read "A Virgin for His Prize" by Lucy Monroe. I have the first book and can't wait to find out what happens next for the sisters-by-choice.

  • On Oct 13, 2014, belgre said: Halloween Booklovers Contest

    The book I'm most anxious to read is Once Upon Tiger by Kim Simons. I'm a sucker for a good shifter story! This one looks good. I'll be picking up book 2 in the series.

    Always love Night Owls contests they are fun! Looking forward to the results.

  • On Oct 12, 2014, skyeblue said: To Many Great Books to Choose From!

    Love these contests on NOR.To many

    great books to choose from. Love it.

  • On Oct 12, 2014, kmarlow said: Thanks for the opportunity.

    I think I'd like to read Erika Wilde books. I've not read any of these titles or authors yet but I would love to have the chance to find a new favorite author.

  • On Oct 12, 2014, Laurel E said: How to choose!

    I do think Reality Bites looks like a good read.

  • On Oct 12, 2014, DianeS said: Wonderful Books!

    D.D. Ayres Canine Rescue series has ben on my TBR list

  • On Oct 12, 2014, readingmama said: Booklovers event

    I love all of the paranormal reads. Thanks for bringing those to my attention.

  • On Oct 11, 2014, Conysho said: Coletti Warlords Reality Bites

    What a great and funny read! A toughband sexy hero and an even tougher heroine!

    I really can notwait for the next installment !

  • On Oct 11, 2014, SueG said: Happy Halloween Hop

    Thanks for the great contest. Some of these sounds really good. Thanks!

  • On Oct 11, 2014, Mysticfaeri said: This book list is amazing

    I would love to have all of these books.... lol and would come up for air sometime in 2017....

  • On Oct 10, 2014, ArlenaDean said: 2014 Halloween Book Lovers

    I love to read and these are some great reads!

  • On Oct 10, 2014, VidaB said: Great Giveaway

    There's so many great books on the list how am I suppose to choose without picking all of them. I love Melody Anne and Lia Davis their books capture you from the first page to the last. I'm also addicted to Lucy Monroe's harlequin books and can never get enough. D. D Ayers book grabbed me from the cover alone it stood out would love to check it out.

  • On Oct 10, 2014, Arianne said: So Many books to read...Yay!

    I love Lucy Monroe's books! She keeps me hooked until the very end of her books. I also love Susan Squires books too. There are a lot of paranormal books to read on the list :)

  • On Oct 10, 2014, shaimaevi said: Burned by Tara Sivec

    I'm a fan of Tara and I haven't read Burned yet. So many books to read! Thanks for the chance! Awesome giveaway. x

  • On Oct 10, 2014, Evampire said: Awesome!

    What a great contest! So many great books and sponsors, it is hard to pick just one, but since you insist Krystal Shannan's My Viking Vampire.

  • On Oct 09, 2014, leetee said: giveaway

    Irresistible Force please

  • On Oct 09, 2014, Grace Navalta said: Shadow desire

    I really want to read Hidden Shadows...The cover is intriguing along with the story line. Lots of good books to choose from

  • On Oct 09, 2014, tsommervold said: Halloween

    I have added so many to my TBR list. Looking forward to Wicked Designs.

  • On Oct 09, 2014, Petula Winmill said: happy Halloween.

    There are lots of new to me authors in this giveaway so it´s hard to choose which one I would like, but I think maybe Once upon a Tiger. The title sounds promising.

  • On Oct 09, 2014, DebraTaylor said: HAPPY HALLOWEEN !!!

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway !

  • On Oct 08, 2014, Angieia said: Big fan!

    I am really big fan of Lia Davis, Robin Bielman, Chris Karlsen, Rebecca Zanetti, Erin M. Leaf. I am looking forward to reading Elziabeth McKenna, Lucy Monroe, Tara Sivec, Erin Quinn just to name a few.

  • On Oct 08, 2014, txgrll said: Happy Halloween

    I'd love Reality Bites or anything by Sharon Hamilton or Erin Quinn. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • On Oct 07, 2014, Feliciamarie said: What a cool giveaway

    So many awesome books and authors - I am already hooked on many of them and always love "meeting" new-for-me authors.

  • On Oct 07, 2014, Lagarrison said: Gail Koger, Vexxing Voss and Reality Bites are a Hit!

    Fabulous, funny series! Sassy heroines who kick butt without breaking a nail. Sexy read while still having interesting plot and dialogue. Can't wait for more in series.

  • On Oct 07, 2014, vanpham said: Halloween Booklovers

    After life and Night Magic sounds good...but am interested in read all of them!

  • On Oct 07, 2014, Sonyalovesbooks said: Awesome Giveaway

    This is a fabulous giveaway with some many great books to read but I would have to start with Lucy Monroe's book A Virgin for His Prize

  • On Oct 06, 2014, svandermark said: wow!!!!

    Happy Halloween!!! Thank you for this awesome giveaway!!!!! :)

  • On Oct 06, 2014, lizwoods said: Excited

    Would love to read all, they look great. Once upon a Tiger to start. Thank you for the chance, awesome giveaway. You ROCK!! lol

  • On Oct 06, 2014, cmcminn said: WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BEST GIVEAWAY EVER!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • On Oct 06, 2014, EvaM said: Halloween Contest

    Great authors, lots of TBR lists, hard to pick one or two! :)

  • On Oct 06, 2014, AquarianDancer said: Books

    A Pirate's Revenge by M.L. Guida, The Three Fates of Ryan Love by Erin Quinn and Erika Wilde's box set.

  • On Oct 06, 2014, MsDora said: Marked

    Sounds like an excellent read! I would Love to WIN any of them! Thanks for the opportunity

  • On Oct 06, 2014, Hedgehogi said: Wow!

    I would love to read GHOST! Sounds interesting to read!

  • On Oct 05, 2014, Pamk said: fantastic contest and new to me authors

    there are a lot of interesting books in that group Especially Artemis hunt and Marked.

  • On Oct 05, 2014, bncandg said: re:

    Reality Bites is an interesting book

  • On Oct 05, 2014, Mickeyschell said: Awesomeness!

    Having read Reality Bites I HAVE to recommend it to one and all (Sexy, snarky, sparks flying, non-stop action that will keep you up late!).

  • On Oct 05, 2014, lavendersbluegreen said: Lauren Smith!!

    I already finished Wicked Designs and am reading her new book now! Loved the first and loving the next!

  • On Oct 05, 2014, Bubbasnews said: Gail koher Coletti warlord series

    Reality bites is a witty read. The humor in the dialogue and treatment of cultural discrepancies between lead characters has me continuing to look for the first two books in the series. Please continue to produce books in this series.

  • On Oct 05, 2014, suzyrph said: Realty Bites

    The cover is hot, I wonder ifit's that hot inside.

  • On Oct 05, 2014, CrystalReader said: Coletti Warlords Series

    Mrs. Gail Koger has written one of the best sci-fi series I have ever red. I haven't read the entire series and unfortunately I had the read it out of order. However once I read Vexing Voss, it didn't matter to if I read it out of Order. I love these books and re-read books 1 and 3 constantly. I haven't red book 4 even though I own it, yet cause I'm saving it for when I go horseback riding with my mother in December. I still need book 2, but I can wait. But if you are a sci-fi fan and love laughing your ass off get copy of her books A.S.A.P. The story lines are very well written and the characters are to die for. These are the kinds of characters that I'd love to see in more paranormal based books. Girls who know how to give their men a run for their money, and alpha men who have to work their asses off just to get their girls to cooperate with them and still be somewhat romantic. It's even better because the girls don't cave into to their males right away. This gives the story a great deal of bite to it. A lot of paranormal books I've looked into are under 100 pages long and and girls are caving into their desires for their men way to soon, like almost with their first touch or kiss. These girls don't do that and I love it. I also love Gail's concept of the men not only using a physical touch but a mental and even a phantasmal touch to help wear down their mates. It just shows how hard they have to fight to get the girl they want. Not to mention all the hilarious situations the couples get into. from being stranded to circumstances that draw unwanted attentions, to even some unorthodox problem solving and earning some very helpful powerful and unexpected allies. Read these books You So Won't Regret It. I Know I Certainly Didn't.

  • On Oct 05, 2014, Teresa said: Can't choose just one!

    I can't pick just one. There are many I want to read. Thank you for the giveaway! :)

  • On Oct 05, 2014, lrhubble said: Halloween

    great contest. I now have several books I need to check out.

  • On Oct 05, 2014, mgorby said: Reality Bites!!

    If you don't know who the Coletti Warlords are you need to get yourself acquainted with the world of Gail Koger. These women who run their alpha males around are hilarious, never a dull moment or miss a chance at driving these men crazy. And the sex is HOT!! Like burn your panties off HOT!!

  • On Oct 04, 2014, jorlando said: Love me some Warlords!!

    Ladies if you haven't already picked up a copy of Gail Koger's Coletti Warlord series drop everything and get it. The books are highly entertaining, snarky and the H/h scenes are SMOKING!! Reality Bites is the most recent in the series.

  • On Oct 04, 2014, creakyhal said: Reality Bites - Coletti Warlords

    Never miss a chance for a new Coletti Warlord book or an old one if you can find it. Reality Bites may not be traditional vampire reading but for me its better. The intelligent women who do or say something then say "Oops" make me laugh out loud. Fact action , mouthy women are always a good read every time you read them.

  • On Oct 04, 2014, SharonJM said: Coletti Warriors

    I highly recommend Gail Koger's Coletti Warriors. Yes the guys are warriors and the girls are also warriors and they fight to keep the individuality.

  • On Oct 04, 2014, Vanney said: New to site

    Hey all, I am an aspiring author and #INDIE author. I am working each day t become better. Good luck to all

  • On Oct 04, 2014, greenshamrock said: So many great...

    So many great looking books... Lauren Smith's Wicked Designs & Lexi Post's Passion Of Sleepy Hollow stand out for me.

  • On Oct 04, 2014, gincam said: so many great titles...

    I pick "Marked" by Rebecca Zanetti--I'm a great fan!

    Thanks for offering this frightfully good giveaway ; )

  • On Oct 04, 2014, Lynned said: book I would love to read

    Rebecca Zanetti- Marked! It sounds awesome!

  • On Oct 04, 2014, tigger said: Erin Quinn Or Erica Wilde

    They are both author that I have wanted to read as they both write about couple;s entertied in each other's life and learning more about each other.

  • On Oct 04, 2014, Amanda said: Hers By Request

    I would love to read Hers By Request. It sounds sweet and steamy. :)

  • On Oct 03, 2014, ecocat said: Great Contest

    It's between Night Magic or The Three Fates of Ryan Love.

  • On Oct 03, 2014, LexisMommy said: Rafflecopter

    I would have to say that i'm interested in most of them but the one that I'm looking forward to the most is Irresistible Force.

  • On Oct 03, 2014, cwall said: contest

    I am excited for this month's contest. I am always looking for some new authors to read from.

  • On Oct 03, 2014, tabularasasm said: rafflecopter

    My Viking Vampire. Totally want to read it :) A lot of these sound super interesting, but that'd be my top pick :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  • On Oct 03, 2014, SuzReadsBooks said: AfterLife by Zoe Dawson

    AfterLife by Zoe Dawson sounds so interesting - I can't wait to read it! Thanks for this amazing giveaway - I would love to win!

  • On Oct 03, 2014, Robbibird said: Contest answers

    Kat Simon's book would be the only shifter book that I noticed and I am a shifter fanatic.

  • On Oct 03, 2014, Karen said: Some really good books

    I'd like to read:

    Perfect Lady by Jenn Langston

    Harbour Falls by S. R. Grey

    A Thousand Little Blessings by Claire Sanders

    Wicked Designs by Lauren Smith

  • On Oct 03, 2014, frlarsson said: Great reads

    Would love to read them all!! =D

  • On Oct 03, 2014, onekawa said: Love all the books

    I would like to read all of those books :)

  • On Oct 03, 2014, Emireally said: Contest

    I'm a sucker for vampire books, so Bite Me looks absolutely delectable!

  • On Oct 03, 2014, bhbz said: Halloween

    Thank you for the opportunity of entering your contest. I wish everyone good luck!

    here are just too many books to choose from. It's like asking us what our favorite piece of Halloween candy is. I like them all!

  • On Oct 02, 2014, Barbed said: Great Books

    I'd most like to read Erin Quinn's book, but Rebecca Zanetti's book is one I've had my eye on as well.

  • On Oct 02, 2014, Fireborn said: contest comment

    Angelkin sounds fun.

  • On Oct 02, 2014, Ascifi said: Book I Would Like to Read

    I think I would love to read a bunch of these, but probably Rebecca Zanetti's Marked.

  • On Oct 02, 2014, BethRei said: Booklovers Halloween contest

    Awesome thanks for the contest

  • On Oct 02, 2014, melissa weeks said: i loved

    i loved reading reality bites

  • On Oct 02, 2014, nikilee said: Vexing Voss

    I recently read this book and I absolutely am in love with the sorry line. Voss and Zoey are a great couple. I love the bantering, and her attitude is fantastic. I can't wait to read more from this author, Gail Koger.

  • On Oct 02, 2014, MelK said: Tricks? No, treats!!

    M.L. Guida or any of the vampire stories as long as they are not erotica.

  • On Oct 02, 2014, nikkitrueblue said: Night Owl is MY ABSO FAVE!

    I love these contest but I mostly love Night Owl Reviews for great book 4-1-1.

  • On Oct 02, 2014, Blndmschf said: Great Contest...good luck everybody

    Loved "Ghost" by Dani-Lyn Alexander. A short, but well written read. Wicked Designs and Night Magic look good.

  • On Oct 02, 2014, Anca said: Hard to choose

    I'll go with Angel Kin by Tricia Skinner.

  • On Oct 02, 2014, CrystalDark said: Thanks for the giveaway!

    A Pirate's Revenge & Night Magic both look really intersring and I have added them to my TBR list. Wicked Designs also looks great and would probably be my top pick but it doesn't come in paperback and I don't use an e-reader, I like paper better.

  • On Oct 02, 2014, catedid said: halloween contest

    I would love to read "Irresistible Force" by D D Ayres.

  • On Oct 02, 2014, DeniseF said: Reality Bites

    Reality Bites by Gail Koger. Eagerly awaiting the next book in this series. Hope it will be soon.

  • On Oct 02, 2014, wyndwhisper said: All of them!

    All of them! LOL! if i have to choose it will come to a tie between Honor Bound and Along Came a Tiger. i would love to read these 2 books.

    tammy ramey

  • On Oct 02, 2014, ljkish said: Thanks

    I would love to read Signed, Sealed, Delivered (Ladies Who Lunch).

  • On Oct 02, 2014, MarcyWho said: Must Read

    D.D.Ayres Irresistable Force is top of the list!

  • On Oct 02, 2014, sassyparakeet said: Thanks for the opportunity

    Thanks for the opportunity. Just One? There are a lot of great sponsor books to choose from that it's hard to choose just one. I guess the sponsor book I most want to read is 'Night Magic' by Susan Squires.

  • On Oct 02, 2014, Mayebaby said: Thanks

    Thanks for the opportunity. Great set of books to choose from.

  • On Oct 02, 2014, KGOLDMAN said: thanks

    i just want to say thank you to all these authors that do contests. it gives me an opportunity to find new authors . so my sincere thanks

  • On Oct 02, 2014, chmorgan said: Yummy books

    I love several of these books. I can't wait to read the others, especially "His Perfect Lady."

  • On Oct 02, 2014, MichellesAngels said: What i want to read most

    So hard to choose, looks like a lot of great books here, but I think i'll choose 'Bite Me' . Im a sucker for a Vamp book :)

  • On Oct 02, 2014, KainsHottie said: Comment Entry

    I am really interested in Once Upon A Tiger! Thanks for the giveaway

  • On Oct 02, 2014, julesrules said: Booklover Halloween

    I would have to choose Erika Wilde.

  • On Oct 02, 2014, Sherry said: Halloween booklover

    I would love to read Once Upon a Tiger.

  • On Oct 02, 2014, Wendy G said: Booklover Halloween Contest Event

    So hard to just chose one, would love to read many, but seem one I would love to read...Irresistible Force, by D. D. Ayres

  • On Oct 02, 2014, Sharlene Wegner said: Halloween Booklover contest

    Sign, Sealed, Delivered sounds good!

  • On Oct 02, 2014, byrnemanis said: Halloween Booklover

    Always fun, and always a great list of books to read. How can you choose just one? Plus, an introduction of writers I might not have discovered on my own.

  • On Oct 01, 2014, mdeanm said: contest

    I love the contest and would love to read her's by request

    thank you

  • On Oct 01, 2014, Sable said: Tough to choose one

    Angel Kin by Tricia Skinner

  • On Oct 01, 2014, bookwormbabe said: So many choices

    I would love to read A Pirates Revenge or Wicked Designs.

  • On Oct 01, 2014, vickestolte said: Awesome reads!!

    I would love to read Deaths Dance by Crymsyn Hart, looks very intersting as do alot of them

  • On Oct 01, 2014, keara said: Halloween

    What a fun time of year.. I love late Octover in the Rockies, you never know what the weather will bring, 80 degrees, snow, rain. Just the perfect setting for all the ghosts and goblins to come out and play.

  • On Oct 01, 2014, Cherri said: Booklover Halloween Contest

    that is a great list of books and hard to pick just one! I have a few of them already (Krystal Shannan, Jordan Rose), while some are completely new to me! That being said of the new ones Tara Fox Hall's one sounds great (going to check out the whole series!), Zoe Dawson, Mimi Sebastian, Kat Simons are among the ones I want to look into first! Thanks for all of the great new books & authors!!!!!

  • On Oct 01, 2014, french vanilla said: giveaway

    Return to Emerald City would be on my list to read. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • On Oct 01, 2014, LisaKC said: Colleti Warrior Series

    Gail Koger was a new-to-me author about 2 weeks ago. Now, she's on my must have list!!! Her Colleti Warriors are freakin' awesome!!! If you love Alpha Males, you will love the Walords!!!

  • On Oct 01, 2014, melissakeir said: Wonderful Choices

    So many great books to choose from!!

  • On Oct 01, 2014, SherryX said: Halloween Contest

    I'd like to read "His Perfect Lady."

  • On Oct 01, 2014, gemiinii said: THANKS!

    Marked by Rebecca Zanetti

  • On Oct 01, 2014, eanderson said: Lia Davis is Awesome

    Artemis's Hunt is my choice. I have all of Lia Davis's books my favorite series is ashwood falls. Huge, Huge and did I mention very huge fan Lia

  • On Oct 01, 2014, lorij said: awesome :)

    Most of the books look and sound wonderful and a lot of new names for me too :)

  • On Oct 01, 2014, readingreality said: Olde School

    Olde School is already on my TBR list and I'm looking forward to it!

  • On Oct 01, 2014, Jana Leah said: giveaway

    So many great books to choose. How about Sharon Hamilton's Mortal Bite. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • On Oct 01, 2014, infinitieh said: giveaway

    Irresistible Force looks awesome!

  • On Oct 01, 2014, LisaJoli said: Love to read

    Irresistible Force by DD Ayres

    Marked by Rebecca Zanetti

    Signed, Sealed, Delivered by Sandy James top my list.

  • On Oct 01, 2014, sonia said: giveaway

    would love to read Rebecca Zanetti,Lia Davis and several other. What a great giveaway thank you

  • On Oct 01, 2014, darkand said: TBR pile growing!

    So many wonderful new books to try!

  • On Oct 01, 2014, Nancydl said: Great Giveaway

    Looks like so many great ones to choose from. One would be Wicked Design

  • On Oct 01, 2014, sadiecass said: Just one?

    You want me to pick just one?, on cover alone I'm intrigued by Bound...but there are so many others that look so good!

  • On Oct 01, 2014, VSloboda said: SO many to pick from :)


  • On Oct 01, 2014, bluehawaiicat said: Halloween

    Books look interesting

  • On Oct 01, 2014, anita said: Contest......

    Have read and enjoyed about eight or ten of the books pictured. There are several

    more which I will be reading soon. Thanks

    for the contest!

  • On Oct 01, 2014, Renald said: Pick one

    I like Wicked Designs. :-)

  • On Oct 01, 2014, srothchild said: Gail Koger's Coletti Warlords series

    I defy any woman to read Gail Koger's Coletti Warlords' books and not desire a warlord of her own. Vexing Voss and Reality Bites are really great escapist reads. Get them, enjoy!

  • On Oct 01, 2014, tweetybugshouse said: contest

    tara sivec looks awesome

  • On Oct 01, 2014, Dexterity said: PNR and Historical are my favorite genres!

    Angel Kin by Tricia Skinner and Wicked Designs by Lauren Smith are already on my TBR! The Pirate's Revenge sounds and looks like a good one too. Actually, they all sound good too =D

  • On Oct 01, 2014, bibbiesparks said: Contest

    I think the contest is very interesting.

  • On Oct 01, 2014, BrooklynShoeBabe said: Burned

    Burned by Tara Sivec looks good. The blurb on Amazon looks interesting and my fav romance author, Tessa Bailey, gives Tara the thumbs up!

  • On Oct 01, 2014, densjewel said: Happy Halloween

    I'd love to read anything by Tara Sivec

  • On Oct 01, 2014, amberdaultonauthor said: WHOA, lots of books and prizes!

    Great contest. The books I'd like to read the most are the paranormals and the historicals.

  • On Oct 01, 2014, marcymeyer said: Burned

    I would want to read Burned by Tara Sivec, because I've already read Bound by Melody Anne.

  • On Oct 01, 2014, Ingeborg said: Halloween Booklovers Contest

    I'd like to read Ghost.

  • On Oct 01, 2014, jadeen said: Halloween

    Happy Halloween everyone. Good luck on the contest

  • On Oct 01, 2014, maudy said: Halloween contest

    Thanks for this... cool giveaway

  • On Oct 01, 2014, mystic said: Halloween Contest

    Wonderful contest, fabulous authors and two of my favorite things gift cards and awesome is that! One of the books that I'd like to read is IRRESISTIBLE FORCE. Thanks!

  • On Oct 01, 2014, Topaz said: Halloween Giveaway

    Love Honor Bound! Fabulous book! Thanks for the chance to feed my book habit!

  • On Oct 01, 2014, Relklaf said: Boooooo

    Bring back the scavenger hunt.

  • On Oct 01, 2014, huntressjenn said: Halloween Giveaway

    I would like to read all of them but my first would be Bite Me by C.C. Wood.

  • On Oct 01, 2014, cutiephinphin said: Awesome Contest

    I'm looking forward to Signed, Sealed & Delivered by Sandy James, Erika Wilde's boxed set amongst the rest of the books. A lot of them are new to me authors and I'll be checking them out.

  • On Oct 01, 2014, Bobalou said: Halloween Contest

    I would love to win one of the gift cards to add some of the awesome looking books listed to my kindle. Love to read and love the suggestions here at Night Owl Paranormal !

  • On Oct 01, 2014, Trix said: my choice...

    HONEYBUN IN HELL looks intriguing (as do the rest)!

  • On Oct 01, 2014, wolfwattitude said: Contest

    Great contest.

  • On Oct 01, 2014, Ashley Poteet said: What I want To,Read

    My Viking Vampire looks really awesome and I have also heard great things about this book! Thanks for the chance!

  • On Oct 01, 2014, EryWhitt said: halloween giveaway

    I'm really looking forward to Eco-Diet and The Pirate's Revenge. Hope I win.

  • On Oct 01, 2014, Rhianona said: even more books...

    to add to my TBR pile. Not that I'm complaining. :)

    Thanks to the sponsors. Looking forward to checking out some of these books.

  • On Oct 01, 2014, Kengland said: Reality bites

    Great book, I was grinning all the way through and scaring people when I would laugh out loud!

  • On Oct 01, 2014, bookworm said: Halloween Givaway

    Awesome list of books I haven't read!! Thanks to all the sponsors!

  • On Oct 01, 2014, FanLit said: Giveaway

    I haven't read any of these authors, so this is a nice opportunity to read someone new.

  • On Oct 01, 2014, Nanze said: halloween giveaway

    I'd like to read Wicked Designs, for one...

  • On Oct 01, 2014, ladymagnolia said: Fantastic Giveaway!!!

    So many great books. Thanks to all the sponsors!!!

  • On Oct 01, 2014, morebooksthanlivros said: Thank You

    I'm really looking forward to Irresistible Force, Burned and Craving, but I would love to read many others.

    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.

  • On Oct 01, 2014, nicenurse said: gail koger is my hero

    Colette warlords yummy yummy! Love these books hot and keep you laughing

  • On Oct 01, 2014, michellebNPL said: spoooooky!

    I hope I win! SO MANY BOOKS TO READ if I win a gift card!

  • On Oct 01, 2014, lizzieabeth said: Happy

    I would love win one these gift cards they have here to offer to win. I want thank you guys.

  • On Oct 01, 2014, Joan V said: Awesome giveaway

    Thank you to all of the sponsors for this awesome giveaway! There are so many of these books that I would love to read.

  • On Oct 01, 2014, aliceadenise said: Contest

    What a great contest. So many great titles that I want to read. I'm making a list!

  • On Oct 01, 2014, msdebms said: I love Halloween!

    Tara Sivec is one of my favorites! I know I want get burned by Burned (except by hot it is). Thanks to all the sponsors for this great goody giveaway!

  • On Oct 01, 2014, gsryley said: 2014 Halloween Booklovers

    I think I want to read 99.9% of the books listed. They all look like great reads. ;-)

  • On Oct 01, 2014, Fencing said: to be read

    I'd love to read Wicked Designs

  • On Oct 01, 2014, collenga said: Awesome books and giveaway!

    I really want to read 'Harbour Falls' by SR Grey, it sounds like a very exciting book!

  • On Oct 01, 2014, gsryley said: 2014 Halloween Booklovers

    What a great contest! Thanks to all!

  • On Oct 01, 2014, Babs said: Giveaway

    What a great set of books. Thank you for the great giveaway too many to choose what would be the best.

  • On Oct 01, 2014, JenPotter said: Giveaway

    Amazing giveaway! I love anything books and gift cards to buy books is the best especially when I can get books but new authors.

  • On Oct 01, 2014, Bmhy said: Booklovers Halloween

    So many great books! I would love to read My Viking Vampire by Krystal Shannon and A Pirate's Revenge by M.L. Guida. Thanks for the fantastic giveaway!

  • On Oct 01, 2014, DWalker said: Reality Bites

    Gail Koger is AWESOME! I loved this book! The Coletti Warlords are one of my absolute, favorite series. Alpha Males, alpha females, smart dialogues, and liberal use of sarcasm, what's not to love?

  • On Oct 01, 2014, susanclement said: Awesome Giveaway

    Would love to read Irresistible Forces! I have read a few of these books like Reality Bites and Honor Bound. Really enjoyed them. There are a number of books that I would also like to read.

  • On Oct 01, 2014, shorty said: Great contest!

    Erica Wilde's The Marriage Diaries looks good but then all of these books would be great to read. Thanks for such a great contest!!

  • On Oct 01, 2014, Gothmother said: Coletti Warlords

    Wow!That was my reaction to the heroines in Gail Koger's Coletti Warlords series of books.This was quickly followed by "Yum yum!" when I read the descriptions of her alpha male heroes.

    I read "Vexing Voss" & "Reality Bites" over two nights,I say nights but as I couldn't stop reading them it was more like 2.00 a.m. when I went to bed each time.

    In fact,they were so good I've already re-read "Vexing Voss" & I'm halfway through "Reality Bites" for the second time,all in less than a week!!Something I've never done before.

    Roll on the next instalment in the series.

  • On Oct 01, 2014, MelissaJ said: which book...?

    A lot of them sound great, but I'm most interested in reading Burn by Tara Sivec or Irresistable Force by DD Ayres.

  • On Oct 01, 2014, MelissaJ said: contest

    Awesome contest. I would love to win any of the prizes. Thanks for hosting this.

  • On Oct 01, 2014, momofharts said: Halloween Contest on NOR

    I want to read Artemis' Hunt or Once Upon a Tiger the most.

  • On Oct 01, 2014, KimberlyMayberry said: That should say...

    Bound by Melody Ann. Darn auto correct! lol

  • On Oct 01, 2014, KimberlyMayberry said: What book I would like to read most...

    I would love to read any of them, but if I have to pick just one, it would be Bound by Melanie Ann!

  • On Oct 01, 2014, silentxy said: Halloween Constest

    Love all the authors involved in this

  • On Oct 01, 2014, ghpierson said: Contest

    I love the group of books and hope to win one of them.

  • On Oct 01, 2014, Gpangel said: Halloween contest

    Thanks for hosting this contest! I LOVE all these wonderful authors!

  • On Oct 01, 2014, jorlando said: Halloween Contest

    Love finding new (to me) authors with these contests!

  • On Oct 01, 2014, Confusedagony said: Thank you, EXCITED

    I love amazon and I always love a chance to shorten my wishlist. Also love the new authors that were brought to my attention. Looking forward to Irresistible Force and Plotting Mr. Perfect. Night Magic looks good too.:D

  • On Oct 01, 2014, avonsherry said: best pic

    I would be happy with all. But Wicked would be my first pic.

  • On Oct 01, 2014, Wlht said: halloween contest

    I'd like The Three Fates of Ryan Love by Erin Quinn. Have read her books before and like her books.

  • On Oct 01, 2014, TraceyP said: Wow thanks for the chance!

    I would be happy with any. But Wicked Designs looks interesting. Would love to read them all lol

  • On Oct 01, 2014, srothchild said: hope I'm a winner

    love the reviews

  • On Oct 01, 2014, JeanMP said: Halloween Contest

    Looking forward to reading Passion of Sleepy Hollow and A Pirate's Revenge

  • On Oct 01, 2014, tsommervold said: Halloween Contest

    Looking forward to reading Burned by Tara Sivec

  • On Oct 01, 2014, docwhaley said: Awesome

    Love this contest and hope to be one of the lucky winners!

  • On Oct 01, 2014, MichelleD said: Brilliant fun

    Love your contests and the authors

  • On Oct 01, 2014, Beccasmom said: contest!!

    So awesome!!!

  • On Oct 01, 2014, Sandypo said: Comment

    What a great contest!

  • On Oct 01, 2014, Tina B said: Halloween Fun

    The one that I most want to read is A Pirate's Revenge by M.L. Guida.

    Though, I have to admit that there are many on the list that I would like to read. :D

    Thank you.

  • On Oct 01, 2014, fangswandsfairy said: Who to read

    I would be most likely to go for Rebecca Zanetti's or Sharon Hamilton's books.

  • On Oct 01, 2014, secretrealm said: THANKS!


  • On Oct 01, 2014, ambersalley said: Three Fates by Erin Quinn

    Sounds like something I would love to read

  • On Oct 01, 2014, Tabbykat said: Great.

    I have read some but love to read them all

  • On Oct 01, 2014, Lizsemkiu said: A Cornucopia of Delights

    Love Rebecca Zanetti and D.D. Ayers! Lots of authors who are new to me. I would enjoy reading any of the books listed. Thanks for the contest!

  • On Oct 01, 2014, Rachael Brown said: Great Authors!

    I want to read Burned by Tara Sivec the most!

  • On Oct 01, 2014, Karla Eakin said: Love Zoe Dawson

    After Life looks awesome...Love Zoe Dawson. She's a newer author for me and she's got staying power. Thanks for yet another amazing contest!!!!

  • On Oct 01, 2014, mskchick said: Yay!

    Thanks for the great giveaways!

  • On Oct 01, 2014, SerenaS said: So many goodies!

    Her Vampire's Promise by Jordan K. Rose is my first option.

  • On Oct 01, 2014, Dolphin said: They all sound good

    I would love to read all the books.

  • On Oct 01, 2014, archana said: So many choices...

    every one of the books look interesting. Would love to win!!

  • On Oct 01, 2014, Lori Meehan said: Most wanted

    I'm looking forward to Rebecca Zanetti and Lucy Monroe

  • On Oct 01, 2014, Shroudedheart said: Choices, choices, choices

    There's so many to choose from, I don't think I could possibly pick just one :) I'd be happy just to win!

  • On Oct 01, 2014, GinaWilkins said: Give me the Pirate!!

    I haven't read a sexy pirate story so A Pirate's Revenge by ML Guida looks nice!!

  • On Oct 01, 2014, Bounce Around Book Luvr said: Perfect for October!

    Wow - Passion of Sleepy Hollow looks good - Will need to pick up a copy to read =)

  • On Oct 01, 2014, ellone said: Branching out!

    I've been branching out to new authors and have a few halloween-esque books on my wishlist. I can't wait to dive in!

  • On Oct 01, 2014, AnneM said: I like to read most of them

    but Marked and Night Magic would be the first two.

  • On Oct 01, 2014, Booksrcool said: Book I Want To Read Most

    I most want to read Dark by Erin Leaf. She's one of my favorite authors. ??

  • On Oct 01, 2014, angelheart said: book

    I think I would like to read Wicked Designs the most

  • On Oct 01, 2014, angelheart said: Happy Halloween

    Good Luck everybody! I have my fingers crossed :)