Kye's Heart

A Roxie's Protectors Tale

We again join Roxie’s Protectors and watch another comrade fall under the spell of love. The supply of hot men is running low and Kye is the next on the chopping block. After laughing at those who went before him Kye now understands their lack of anger. Being mated is pretty awesome if he does say so himself. His mate is the beautiful Michaela, who he meets while taking Roxie’s baby to the zoo. Michaela knows how to handle wild animals so that’s a plus. Now he just has to figure out how to tell her he’s a little more than he appears to be. And a lot hairier.

Michaela doesn’t trust the instant attraction Kye has for her. Her attraction to him? Well duh! The man is sex on a stick, which is why she can’t understand his obvious desire for her. But he quickly makes a believer out of her, and goes over the top to make her feel safe and secure, no matter the threat. Does she hold out and be safe, or go for it and grab something she never thought she’d have?

Ah, the bigger they are the harder they fall. But Kye goes down with nary a whimper because his predecessor’s have shown him how good it can be. While devoted to informing Michaela of his real identity before mating her he fails as all the others did. Who can fight biology and fate? While the action of holding of the lone wolves doesn’t come till very late in the story it’s done with flair and a punch of shock and awe. A good addition to the continuing story and I anxiously anticipate Dirk’s fall.

Book Blurb for Kye's Heart

Kye’s idea of fun doesn’t include toting Roxie’s three-month-old daughter to the zoo, but like the good little Protector he is, Kye travels to the land of exotic furballs with pup in tow … then smacks himself for not heading to the zoo ages ago. There, dressed in drab brown and looking more gorgeous than any woman he’s ever seen, Kye finds his mate.

Being a zookeeper, Michaela is used to soothing the savage beast … not screaming babies. Feeling sorry for the hottie who’s looking more panicked by the second, she’s quick to offer her assistance in calming the little bundle of adorable he’s holding. Of course Kye doesn’t hesitate to show his appreciation by asking her out and giving her a kiss that sends her heart racing.

While Kye struggles to tell Michaela about his penchant for howling at the moon, he manages to toss her right into the middle of his secretive life as a Protector and all the fangs that entails. The question is: Can Michaela tolerate any more fur in her life, or is she going to trample all over Kye’s heart?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 4.00