Isabelle's Diary

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Isabelle's Diary

Sally Carter decided to still go on vacation even though her original plans to go away with her sister were cancelled because of her sister breaking her leg. She always wanted to find out more about her Welsh ancestors and do more research on the family tree. Now was as good a time as any to do that research. She booked a walking holiday with the Welsh Wayfarers in Llandrindod Wells, Wales and took in as much as she could while she was there.

With two days remaining before her departure home, Sally stopped in a caf‚ for a cup of coffee before starting her day. While there, she noticed a young woman dresses in a somber black Victorian outfit that stood out from everyone in the caf‚. She watched the young woman remove a maroon leather book from a black silk purse and began reading it. Sally recognized that it must be the young ones diary. Intrigued still, she noticed the girl now crying while she was reading through the pages. She quickly closed the book returning it to her silk purse and rose to her feet. She stared directly at Sally for a few seconds and then disappeared. As Sally's waitress approached to refill her cup of coffee, Sally inquired who the young girl was. The waitress had no idea who she was talking about. Sally described the young woman to the waitress and pointed over to the table near the window. Perplexed, the waitress explained that particular table hadn't been occupied all morning. Sally just can't believe what she was hearing. She was rudely dismissed by the waitress and she left the caf‚. As she steps out onto the street, Sally catches another glimpse of the young woman and she begins running after her to talk to her. Rounding the next corner, Sally comes to an abrupt stop because the young woman vanished. Disturbed by the whole situation, Sally decides to go on with her day by browsing the local shops.

She questions herself for what she had seen in the caf‚. How come no one else saw the young woman? After stopping by a local tourist information booth she thought she would ask if there were any local theater companies nearby that the girl could have been from dressed the way she was. The crowds were too big and her patience extremely low, so she left to go to the local museum. When she was greeted by the museum's receptionist she asked her the question if there were any local attractions where there would be Victorian dressed young women. The receptionist told her that she wasn't aware of any, but she was more than welcomed to have a look around inside the museum. Sally strolled through and came across a section of Victorian costumes, ball gowns and other beautifully dated outfits. At the rear of the room, she noticed a large glass-enclosed area representing a nineteenth century doctor's office. She observed all the medical instruments and admired the small medical library. Also, in this exhibit, she saw a variety of uniforms and other outfits , but one stuck out from the rest. One resembles the exact outfit the young woman was wearing that she saw in the caf‚. She then noticed a faded photograph on the wooden desk and it was none other than the woman she saw earlier. She read the sign and learned that it was of the Linden family. She quickly ran over to the receptionist to find out more about the Linden family history. The girl explained that she doesn't have any information that could help her, but suggested that she either searches the parish records or contacts Dr. Dan Conway, an expert on Welsh history. Heeding the girl's advice, she takes Dr. Conway's number and calls him.

As the story progresses, Dr. Conway meets up with her and they begin searching together. He convinces Sally to extend her stay in Wales to allow them more time to search for the answers she is looking for. As they are jumping from place to place researching, Dr. Conway is finding himself falling head over heels for Sally. She is reluctant though because her last marriage ended terribly

Book Blurb for Isabelle's Diary

On a sunny June morning in Llandrindod Wells, Sally Carter stops for coffee at the Celtic Café. She notices a beautiful young woman dressed in somber Victorian black sitting at a window table, weeping over the pages of a diary. When the girl disappears without a trace and the waitress insists the table had been vacant all morning, Sally is compelled to discover the girl's identity.

Unraveling the mystery leads Sally on a wild goose chase with the assistance of Dr. Dan Conway, a handsome Welsh history professor, but it's not until she returns home to Toronto that the final pieces of the puzzle fall into place.

Even then the question lingers. Why was Sally the only person to see the girl?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2007 3.00