Mr. Jack Frost

Reagan Thorton is having the most difficult time getting over the death of her husband, who passed away two years ago this Christmas Eve. Her and her two young children are missing Adam terribly.
It’s Christmas time again, Adam’s favorite holiday, and Reagan and her children aren’t going to celebrate the holiday for the second year in a row. That is, until she speaks to her five year old daughter about what Anna learned in school that day. She finds out that Anna’s teacher read them a story about the first snow and explained to them how magical it really is. Reagan finally put the children to bed and since it was snowing outside, she took a few minutes to do some reflecting.
Sitting alone, looking out the window at the beautiful snow coming down, she knows she has nothing to lose by making a wish. Speaking out loud she says, “I wish to be happy and enjoy Christmas again. I wish to feel again.” She finishes off by crying herself to sleep.
Early next morning, she hears a knock at the front door and is surprised that a strange man is standing outside. She talks to him and thinks he’s applying for the handyman position she advertised in the newspaper. The man’s name is Jack Frost and he has no idea about any ad in the paper, but once she tells him about the position, he takes it just to be close to her and her children.
Could it be that her magical wish did come true after all? Or is it a complete fluke that a stranger shows up at her door, out of the blue, looking mighty handsome and sexy, to say the least?
I adored this sweet Christmas story written by Ms. Hahn. My heart bled for Reagan and her children because of the heartache they were still going through with the loss of Adam. I was so thrilled when Jack happened to “drop” by and decided to help Reagan out once he heard she needed a hand around the house. This author undoubtedly made me believe that the first snow fall is definitely magical! Once you read this story yourself, I’m sure you’ll also agree. This was my first introduction to this author’s writing and I assure you it won’t be my last.

Book Blurb for Mr. Jack Frost

Once upon a wintry evening she made a wish on Christmas snow…

Reagan Thorton never expected her wish to come true, even when Jack Frost appears on her doorstep. She doesn’t believe such nonsense or in happy endings, not since her husband died and she was left to raise two children. Reagan assumes Jack answered her ad for a handyman.

Jack has until Christmas Eve to make her rediscover happiness in life and joy in the holiday season. Reagan feels emotions she hasn’t felt since her husband died. She soon realizes she’s falling in love, but she can’t tell him because she’s afraid of opening up her heart. Jack returns her feelings, yet knows that once Christmas Eve arrives he’ll vanish forever in a swirl of snow. Or will he? After all, he has become the reason for her happiness.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2009 4.50