Left Hand Magic

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Left Hand Magic

Golgotham Series, #2

“Left Hand Magic” by Nancy A. Collins is the next in her series about Golgotham, the neighborhood of New York that houses exotic inhabitants such as centaurs, satyrs, leprechauns, witches, warlocks, ipotanes and the like. Heiress Tate Eresby has settled in with her lover Hexe, but she has had to make adjustments to loving a warlock, living with his familiar, and being one of the few humans in the neighborhood. Her unconventional work as a metal sculptor causes friction with her very conventional parents but their disapproval pales in comparison to the hostilities that erupt between the Golgothamites and humans that they disparage with the term numps. An escalation in violence results in the deaths of friends and acquaintances and complications arise from Hexe’s status as Heir Apparent (not to mention his having a human girlfriend) and his own divided family. Tate’s inescapable loyalty to her new neighborhood puts her right in the middle of the conflict between the humans and non-humans. Complying with the repayment of a debt by utilizing her skills at working metal may have more repercussions than she could ever imagine and the increase in her immediate family changes the household dynamics. Hexe and Tate must find a way to survive the upheavals around them, keep their neighborhood intact and deal with parental disapproval but Golgotham may never recover from the pressures being exerted upon it.

A great sequel to “Right Hand Magic”, revisiting the fantastical neighborhood with its remarkable denizens. The centaurs are prevalent in their roles as transportation experts, the Paranormal Threat Unit (PTU) is kept busy, testimony is via scrying crystal, a sketch artist accesses one’s third eye and other imaginative elements keep the story fresh and entertaining in this enjoyable read.

Book Blurb for Left Hand Magic

Located on Manhattan's Lower East Side, Golgotham has been the city's supernatural ghetto for centuries. Populated by countless creatures from myth and legend, the neighborhood's most prominent citizens are the Kymera, a race of witches who maintain an uneasy truce with New York City's humans...

Tate Eresby has accepted the unusual sights and sounds of Golgotham and made it her home. Unfortunately, a magazine has alerted trendsetting hipsters to its existence and they've descended upon the community-along with an anti-Kymera faction known as The Sons of Adam. The sudden influx of tourists escalates racial tensions to a boiling point when two Kymerans are murdered and rioting fills the streets.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 4.50