Courting His Royal Highness

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Courting His Royal Highness

Chloe Tanner had finally gotten her big break. She had just been hired by the EVE network to be the hostess for a new reality show, Courting His Royal Highness. 15 women were going to compete to win the heart of some prince and become his bride. Chloe doesn’t really care about that. She just knows that this is her opportunity to shine and this could be the first step to stardom! But first she is to attend the network’s annual Halloween Masquerade Ball. In the morning, she starts her new job. When a gorgeous man dressed as James Bond flirts and more, Chloe does something she’s never done before; she throws caution to the side and joins her mystery man in his motel room. Only as she’s getting ready to leave does she find out that James Bond aka Max is really Prince Maximilian Alexander Henry Tarleton Radborne of Romalia.
Max is a prince who needs to find a bride. He’s 35 years old and his parents as well as the Romalia Council have been after him to marry and produce children. He, however, enjoys the single life style and doesn’t see love in his future. As he has to marry, he decides to participate in an American reality show that will allow him to select a bride and be done with it. He doesn’t expect to find a beautiful woman the night before he’s to start work on the show that he can’t stop thinking about. He’s ready to forget the show when he learns the hostess in none other than Chloe from the night before. He’s exited about working with and getting to know Chloe but what about the 15 women who are vying for his attention?
Chloe longs to be with Max but knows that at the end of the show he will be picking someone else to marry. Can she stay professional long enough to see this to the end? At this point, all Chloe can see is heart break.
I loved these characters. Max so wants to be “normal” yet he admits that he arrogant and does expect certain things but he has such charm that you tend to overlook his shortfalls. Chloe wants Max but she also wants to do her job well and can’t see how to do both. When Max tries to come up with ways to spend more time with Chloe, he can’t understand why she gets upset. All I could do was laugh at Max’s clueless attempts while I wanted to cry along with Chloe.
With the fascination with reality shows, this was a prefect venue for this story. It was done will realism and with a wonderful touch of humor. 
This is a perfect summer beach book. It’s funny and light with loveable characters. The story never bogs down and while you know a happily ever after is coming, the path isn’t as obvious as you would think.

Book Blurb for Courting His Royal Highness

Chloe Tanner hopes to launch her career by hosting a reality show about a prince’s quest to find his bride. Things get complicated when she shares a passionate night with a man she later discovers is Prince Maximilian Radborne, the star of Courting His Royal Highness. She’s fallen in love with the world’s most famous bachelor and can’t have him. She isn't one of the fifteen women vying for his affection, and she’s signed a contract; breaking it could destroy her fledgling career. She doesn’t know if he loves her and can’t risk sabotaging her career. After all, desire doesn’t equal happily-ever-after. But Max can’t forget the night they shared and is determined to make Chloe see they have a future. He devises a plan, using the surprising twists of reality TV to convince her his is a forever love worth all the risks.

220 Pages Spicy
Print ISBN: 1-60154-378-6


Night Owl Reviews May, 2009 4.50