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Advent Trilogy, #2

This is book two of the Advent trilogy. Advent started the series. I haven't gotten the chance to read book one, but I suggest you do so as I understand it was one of the best reads last year.

This second installment took hold of me as soon as I began reading it. The setting is Vancouver Island. The author describes the characters brilliantly and their problems with tolerant policies that give them a decent life but eventually they are in the middle of persistent discrimination.

Vancouver Island has so much going on including Great Britain going up and under the waves of the darkness unleashed in ADVENT. This gets you ready for a scene change back to London. The author didn't write a fable with a little sugar on top. The author described the repentant mother, as everything is thrown out there and a journey through the Ice Age, gripping the south of England becomes more evil and darker as the story goes on.

The author sends chills through your body as evil dialogue comes from the mouths of the most evil figures. There are times when the author has you jumping up from your seat and wanting to warn people that he's right there. Don't you see him? That brings about reality. What if that were to happen to you? Wouldn't you do the very same thing? Will there be a happy ending? I guess we will have to wait for the next book.

Don't miss out on the suspense, the anticipation, some confusion, and evil in this bone chilling book. This author ties everything up well, even though it is a series.

Book Blurb for Anarchy

If there’s one thing Gavin Stokes knows, it’s that something unimaginably dangerous has returned to the world. A mad dog runs amok, a mermaid floats in the bay, and a wild beast stalks the countryside. He and others make the same strange claim: magic has returned. All signs point to it.

Now, Gavin’s aunt has disappeared. A young girl who’s been accused of murder vanishes from a locked cell. She is at large somewhere in a vast wilderness. Meanwhile, a desolate child leaves the home that has kept her safe all her life and strikes out into the unknown. And a mother, half mad with grief for her lost son, sets off to find him.

There is a place where all their journeys meet. But someone is watching the roads…

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2014 4.00