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When Peter Garey looked up from bathing in the river, he never expected to see an unicorn, much less one that would become not only a familiar but also a friend. Ever since the Change five years ago made all technology useless, magic and humans have wandered side by side throughout America. Ariel, as a unicorn, is a prize for her horn. When a necromancer sets his sights on her horn, Peter and Ariel must decide between running or standing and fighting an impossible fight. Is Ariel all Peter needs, since only a virgin can touch an unicorn, or will human lust win out? Is magic enough in a world without technology?

Steven Boyett orignally published Ariel in 1983 but this is one novel that is just as enjoyable today. This is one of the best fantasy novels written and anyone who missed it the first time around, definitely should pick it up this time. Ariel combines the best of Ray Bradbury with Stephen King, combined with Anne McCaffery. It  raises the question of how much humanity realizes on science and technology not only for survival but for basic human goodness. Just how easily is civilization wiped away? Though I may have missed this book decades ago, I'm glad I didn't this time.

Book Blurb for Ariel

It's been five years since the lights went out, cars stopped in the streets, and magical creatures began roaming Earth.

Pete Garey survived the Change, trusting no one but himself until the day he met Ariel—a unicorn who brought new meaning and adventure to his life.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2009 4.75