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Women of the Otherworld Series #10

Elena Michaels has been sent to Alaska, by the Pack Alpha, for a number of reasons. One is to look for missing pack members, another is to chase a lone werewolf and to try to save him from the werewolves that would kill him; and the last is to investigate whether there are some rogue werewolves causing problems in Alaska, as people are starting to be killed by what looks like wolves. On top of these issues Elena must deal with some past memories and deal with the future her Alpha has planned for her. Elena is joined in Alaska by her husband, Clay, who brings terror to the hearts of all werewolves, due to his protection of the Pack Alpha and the steps he will take to keep the Pack safe.
As Elena and Clay follow the lone werewolf and begin looking for their missing pack members they find more than they expected and are drawn into help by a special request by beings they never knew existed. Elena must rely on her strength and smarts in order to save herself and save others. She must also deal with her past and determine if her past is going to be her weakness or if she can move past it.
Ms. Armstrong returns to this wonderful series with Elena and Clay. This couple started off the Women of the Otherworld series and it is wonderful to be reunited with them again. Ms. Armstrong writes inventive and wonderful stories which are difficult to put down and harder to forget. I thoroughly enjoy reading anything from Ms. Armstrong and this book was no exception. The book was fast paced with just enough mystery and mayhem to tweak the senses.
Re-Issued Review: This book is now in mass market paper back as of 7/27/2010. Originally reviewed on 8.8.2009

Book Blurb for Frostbitten

The Alaskan wilderness is a harsh landscape in the best of conditions, but with a pack of rogue werewolves on the loose, it’s downright deadly.

Elena Michaels, the Pack’s chief enforcer, knows all too well the havoc “mutts” can wreak.

When word comes of a series of humans apparently killed by wolves near Anchorage, Elena and Clay are sent to check things out. But they find more than they bargained for among the snow and trees of the savage Alaskan wilderness.

This book is now in Hard Cover and in Mass Market Paperback (7/27/2010).

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 5.00