Beneath Still Waters

Still Waters Part One

I really enjoyed reading this short story by Ms. Netzel. Although her story is part of the Tales from the Mist Anthology, I am only reviewing Ms. Netzel’s story at this time. From the very beginning I was pulled into her storyline and I loved the eerie feeling I felt the entire time I was reading the story. This was a little bit paranormal with a little bit of romance blended in and she balanced everything exceptionally well. Her characters were totally believable and any reader would have an easy time relating to any one of them. Even the ghost story of the witch practicing black magic was all too real for me. This is one story that’s perfect to read by yourself or out loud during a camping trip. Heck, it’s perfect to read any time of year honestly. Ms. Netzel has another winner on her hands with this story. I highly recommend it and I eagerly look forward to reading the sequel, Rising Above.

When a group of college co-eds decide to go on a camping trip in the middle of Rocky Mountain National Park, there’s the usual fun and games that everyone enjoys while drinking around the camp fire. After the darkness sets in, the real game begins of telling the ghost story of the legend of the witch that haunts the lake. But not everyone believes that the story is true, that is, until things start happening. Is the legend of the witch fact or fiction? Will the co-eds ever be able to camp again without thinking about this fateful night?

Book Blurb for Beneath Still Waters

An old legend tells of a beautiful witch unjustly persecuted who became a ghost bent on revenge...

The danger lies in not believing.

On a sorority camping trip in the Colorado Rocky Mountain National Park, Becca scoffs at the story of the Ghost of Still Waters, despite the convictions of her fellow campers, Liz and Shane. When Liz challenges her to summon the witch’s spirit, will Becca’s disbelief seal her fate?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2013 5.00