The GHOST Group Book One

I thought this was a fun paranormal children’s story that I think kids would really enjoy reading out loud or having it read to them. We are taken on a ghostly adventure with the GHOST Group that consists of five 11-year-olds named Jesse, Jenny, Ryan, Trent and Cassie. They’ve all heard the stories circulating around their small town called Sarah Town, named after Sarah Travers. So once and for all, the five of them want to try and prove whether or not Sarah Travers’ ghost exists. In the second story, The Ghost of the Crying Valentine, these same children are onto their next case in which they want to solve the mystery of a sad ghost who seems to be haunting their school. In the process though the media gets a hold of some rumors and want to get the scoop themselves. It’s a test of wills to see what happens to the Ghost of the Crying Valentine.

As I was reading these two stories, I could picture them as short children’s mysteries you might see on TV. The author has a creative imagination and I just loved the fact that both these stories were ghost related. Since this was book one, I’m figuring a series is in the works as I write this review. I’m curious to see what this author has the GHOST Group up to next.

When the kids of Sarah Town decide to come together to do some investigating regarding Sarah Travers, the deceased girl the town is named after, they have no idea what information they are going to find out about her. Are the rumors about the ghost of Sarah true? Is she haunting the town? In the second story, The Ghost of the Crying Valentine, the GHOST Group is on their second case. This time, they're investigating the sad ghostly girl that seems to be haunting their school. But they hit some bumps in the road when a TV crew starts taping some footage while the kids are trying to find some answers. Is their school haunted? If so, are they able to help the girl ghost out?

Book Blurb for The GHOST Group Book One

There’s something different about Sarah Town. It’s brimming with ghosts—and some of those ghosts need help! That’s where the GHOST Group comes in—the Ghost Helpers of Sarah Town. The GHOST Group is made up of five 11-year-old team members: Jesse, Jenny, Ryan, Trent, and Cassie.

The Ghost of Sarah Travers is the story about Sarah, who Sarah Town was named after. Her ghost haunts what used to be her home, but can the kids help her find who she is looking for before the town skeptic brings an end to ghosthunting in Sarah Town for good?

The Ghost of the Crying Valentine has the Ghost Group solving the mystery of a sad ghostly girl haunting their school. Rumors about this girl ghost catch the attention of a TV show, and the kids lock horns with the show host as they try to help the crying ghost. (Kids 8-12)

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2013 4.00