Drachar's Demons

"Drachar's Demons" by David and Andrew Burrows is the intriguing prequel to David Burrows' `Prophecy of the Kings trilogy'. The origin of the evil Drachar is detailed in this sometimes chilling fantasy tale that describes the Eldric as they discover the powers and uses of the previously shunned demons. Lothanal, an ambitious sorcerer, discovers that unimaginable power is available through alliance with demons who can be conscripted with the promise of souls. One man's actions may be enough to overthrow the entire Eldric society as he pursues power to the exclusion of any consideration of appropriate morals. His former colleagues will have to learn concepts that have previously been considered anathema to their entire race and unlikely allies will be needed to combat the actions that threaten to destabilize the entire region. Beings and defenses formerly believed to exist only in legends will need to be utilized to combat the threat initiated through the actions of a single sorcerer and the lives of the Eldric and their neighboring kingdoms will be forever changed. The overwhelming odds faced by the brave defenders of the lands may be unsurmountable if they cannot find a successful defense against the demons who want to overrun the world.

An imaginative and action-packed fantasy that provides a background for the events that end the halcyon days of the Eldric. The insidious descent into evil dictated by one man's search for power and the defense mounted by those who support goodness is presented in this entertaining tale which features wonderfully intriguing beings such as the flying grakyn and the evil krell. A great introduction to the series.

Book Blurb for Drachar's Demons

Drachar, banished by his own people, forges an unholy alliance with the demons by offering them ten thousand souls, but the demons demand one hundred thousand and without quibbling Drachar accepts. Only all out war will deliver so many souls and the old enemy Trosgarth is his only potential ally, but he must cross the land to confront their king and persuade him to his cause. Drachar has the power of the demon world at his command, but madness threatens when the demons plague his dreams, demanding souls.

His people, the Eldric, realise that they must learn to combat the growing threat by summoning demons themselves to exploit any weakness they may find. However, it is an exceptionally brave man that confronts a demon let alone tries to kill one. Their scales are impervious to blades and any mistake results in the demon claiming another soul for eternal damnation.

The race is on for war threatens; a war like no other for sorcerer will battle sorcerer and demon set against demon.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 4.25