Still Life with Shape-Shifter

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Still Life with Shape-Shifter

A Shifting Circle Novel, #2

This thought-provoking paranormal story is not a happy-ever-after romance for most of the characters. It delves into the dichotomy between the life-spans of animals and those of humans and makes one look at the concept of shapeshifters with a different perspective. I enjoy the intensity of emotion that Ms. Shinn is able to evoke even as I am frustrated because this series is so somber. I enjoyed this title more than I did the first novel in the series, but I can’t say that I finished the story in a particularly uplifted mood. It was nice to get a glimpse of some of the characters from earlier in the series in a more stable relationship and I particularly enjoyed learning that Maria had a wonderfully phlegmatic mom after experiencing Maria's histrionics in the prior story. This is another poignant tale that is somewhat uncomfortable to read yet very compelling and I raced to finish even as I dreaded the outcome. I am not sure I look forward to more in the series but I know I will nonetheless want to read them.

“Still Live with Shape-Shifter” by Sharon Shinn is part of the ‘Shifting Circle’ series and centers around Melanie Landon, whose half-sister Ann is a shape-shifter. Melanie is fiercely protective of the younger sibling who she practically raised and is not at all pleased when reporter Brody Westerbrook approaches her for material about the book he wants to write about the hidden world of shapeshifters. The book also reveals the journey of Janet, a young girl who falls in love with a shapeshifter named Cooper and begins an incredible journey of research to discover a way to help him stay in his human form.

Book Blurb for Still Life with Shape-Shifter

National bestselling author Sharon Shinn presents a passionate, heart-wrenching story of secrets and the lengths we’ll go to, to protect those we love...

Melanie Landon and her half-sister share a unique bond. For her entire life, Melanie has hidden the fact that Ann is a shape-shifter. The never-ending deception is a heavy weight to bear, but Melanie is determined to keep Ann’s secret and protect her from a world that simply wouldn’t understand.

For months, Melanie hasn’t seen or heard from Ann, in either of her forms. When a man shows up saying he’s there about her sister, Melanie fears the worst. But Brody Westerbrook doesn’t have information about Ann—he’s in search of it.

A freelance writer, Brody intends to include Ann in a book he’s writing about the existence of shape-shifters. While Melanie is immediately drawn to the stranger on her doorstep, she denies his claims, knowing that trusting him isn’t an option.

But when Ann finally appears looking thin and sick, Melanie realizes exposure is the least of their worries. Protecting her sister has always been such an enormous part of Melanie’s life, but as Ann’s health rapidly deteriorates, Melanie must come to grips with the fact that saving her may mean letting go…

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2013 4.25