Blood Wyne

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Blood Wyne

Sisters of the Moon, Book 9

Menolly D’Artigo is working hard on a case to stop a vampire serial killer. Along the way she finds that she has more troubles on her hands than just merely a serial killer. Try ghosts; killing, soul sucking, hungry ghosts. Menolly is up to her ears in fights, but realizes she needs more help than what her, her sisters, and the rest of the gang can offer. She turns to an Elder Fae to make a tricky deal. Menolly is unsure if she has done the right thing or if she has sealed her fate.

A new character emerges in the ninth installment of the Otherworld Series. His name is Roman, and he is one of the oldest and most powerful vampires alive today. He places requests (read: nudging demands) on Menolly, in exchange for friendship and an offer that she cannot refuse, literally.

Out of all the Otherworld characters, Menolly has been the most frustrating for me in the past. Though I love her character, I always felt that parts of her were “skirted around” and it left me frustrated because I thought there could be so much more written about her.

What was different for me when reading the third story in Menolly’s point of view was that the author brought out who Menolly really is. I felt her sexuality not only blossomed in this book, but also took roots and definition, grounding Menolly at her core. Erotic scenes seemed more realistic, the way I wanted to read them in her previous stories. As a reader, this was liberating to me.

It seems to me that Menolly’s sisters have been delving deeper in their powers and starting to evolve into their destinies as the series unfolds. Finally, it seems that the same is happening for Menolly as her friendship with Roman is putting her at the brink of her evolution. I am excited to read what happens next in this series and to see what is in store for Menolly as she walks into her destiny.

Book Blurb for Blood Wyne

The D'Artigo sisters have just turned in their badges to the Otherworld Intelligence Agency. Now that they're free agents they're hoping things will be easier, but when you're half-human, half-Fae, things can go astray at the most inopportune times...especially if you're attempting to go undercover and penetrate the underworld of a vamp society on the brink of war.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2011 5.00