A Kiss before Doomsday

A Dru Jasper Novel, #2

Another stellar novel by Laurence McNaughton featuring Dru's and Greyson's adventures into Doomsday! Great action and plot devices keep this novel rolling along as Dru and Greyson try to prevent Doomsday from happening. Sometimes good character development is hard to come by in returning characters, but not in this novel I'm happy to report.

Dru's shop is still a mess, but with a little help from her friends she is able to get herself picked up, put back into some semblance of order, as Greyson is back and Dru is convinced of that when she receives a stone in her mailbox: the stone she gave him. Sadly she is unable to catch more than a glimpse of his car, Hellbringer. But it was enough to inspire her to reach out and help others on her quest to find Greyson.

So Dru ends up exploring a mountain where Greyson might be. Along the way Dru and her friends (Rane, Salem, and Opal) attend a party for sorcerers and other magicians who are there to compete, only it's not the kind of party Dru thinks it is. When she does figure it out, it's too late as the Red Death is summoning up the scourge to make all the magical people magically impotent for awhile.

All in all a great story. It goes quickly as the action keeps rolling. I enjoyed Opal's reaction to her outfit she loans Dru. There are moments of levity as much as a serious, irreverent novel about the end of the world will inspire. This novel is in series and can be a standalone novel, but it makes more sense after reading the first novel in this series as the back story is still part of the plot for this new novel.

Book Blurb for A Kiss before Doomsday

When sorcerers disappear off the streets of Denver, the only person to notice a pattern is Dru, proprietor of The Crystal Connection and newly-minted sorceress. Monstrous creatures are attacking and dragging off anyone with magical powers. Signs point to forbidden necromancy in the hands of someone trying to fulfill the prophecy of the apocalypse scroll.

With the dead rising from the grave, Dru fears someone is picking up where the Harbingers left off half a century ago. Now more than ever, Dru needs half-demon Greyson and his infernal car, Hellbringer. Though Greyson is missing and presumed dead, Dru believes he's alive--and trapped at the center of this evil.

Dru will need her friends--and her enemies--trusting in Rane's strength, Opal's wisdom, and her own crystal magic to infiltrate the mountainous fortress of a powerful sorcerer intent on bringing about doomsday.

Because the moment the prophecy is fulfilled, legions of undead will rise to consume the souls of everyone on Earth...

From the Trade Paperback edition.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2017 4.50