Peachwood Lake

This was an entertaining story that was a quick read for me. Kady is a young protagonist who is quick-witted, likable and sharp. She’s a bit older than her years, but that is quite plausible given her past experiences. I loved the way in which the community was portrayed in this book. I live in a lake community in East Texas, and while we do not have any killer fish here, there have been numerous sightings of a six-foot alligator. It does not seem to have curtailed many of our lake activities and events, however. It was easy for me to get caught up in the story. This is a book about a small community struggling against an adversary that threatens the entire town, but it is also about a lonely young girl and some people who enter her life at a pivotal juncture who will ultimately help her to become more self-assured and confident. It is a marvelous coming of age horror story.

Book Blurb for Peachwood Lake

On a quiet summer day, 13-year-old Kady Gonzalez sees an armored silver fish leap high in Peachwood Lake. She thinks it's an awesome sight - until, a few minutes later, Kady watches in horror as the same jumping fish savagely attacks a neighbor in his rowboat. That's the start of the malevolent fish's war on the pristine Connecticut lake.

As the casualties mount, Kady, an aspiring writer, is befriended by Monique, a sassy young newspaper reporter. In addition to covering the fish story, Monique counsels the motherless girl on the frightening problems of growing up, especially how to deal with the hurtful taunts of Hannah, a popular classmate.

While the mysterious fish continues to attack anyone venturing into the water, town officials desperately attempt to destroy the demonic creature. Will they succeed without having to sacrifice Peachwood Lake - and will "Fraidy Kady" succeed in conquering her own personal demons?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 4.50