Life Guards in the Hamptons

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Life Guards in the Hamptons

A Willow Tate Novel, #4

Please note this is book 4 in the series, I didn't read book 3 FIREWORKS IN THE HAMPTONS, so I'm going into this a little behind the times.

Once again we return to the world of Willow Tate, graphic novelist by choice and Visualizer against her better judgment. Weird things are happening in the Hamptons and Paumanok Harbor in particular, as a string of crimes, rare bird sightings and dolphins giving the heave-ho to surfers. The locals blame Willow for it, despite the fact she doesn't have anything to do with it (which is surprising in and of itself), but that's hard to believe when the events seem to be chronicled in her latest book.

One of the reasons I originally enjoyed this series was because Willow seemed so...interesting. Even before she got a handle on her Visualizer powers, Willow was creative and chaotic. Stuff I can relate to and was happy to read about. As the series has progressed however much of Willow's creativity has been channeled into making sure things don't go haywire. When anything you draw can come to life, or more accurately in most case be drawn to you by magic, it’s hard to want to draw for fun you know?

I want to mention this because it’s partially why I didn't pick up book 3--Jerome has this odd penchant for ending the book with action half-finished. Not like a cliff-hanger per say, more like those old cartoons that would end with 'Stay tuned for the next thrilling adventure!'. For the casual reader this probably isn't a problem, but as a voracious reader it feels silly since if I like book I'll definitely pick up the next one.

As seems to be typical for this series Willow gets herself yet another love interest (or two) and she's surprised by this (though I don't know why since there's been at least half a dozen interested guys in this series), but the romance doesn't overshadow the plot. Jerome is a pseudonym for romance author Barbara Metzger, an author I admire greatly for her historical romances. However I've become less enchanted with her urban fantasy series.

Honestly while it’s refreshing to read a UF that doesn't involve vampires, shifters or the Fae being hunky warriors with long ears I've fallen less in love with Willow and her not always smart decision making skills. This was enjoyable, but nothing too exciting.

Book Blurb for Life Guards in the Hamptons

Graphic novelist Willow Tate, who has supernatural powers, meets a creature from Unity who needs her help. And it doesn't hurt that handsome veterinarian Matt Spenser is ready and willing to assist Willow in her efforts.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 3.50