The Cold Kiss of Death

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The Cold Kiss of Death

A Spellcrackers Novel, #2

The Cold Kiss of Death is my first novel by Suzanne McLeod and I must say that I have become a fan!!! I love Urban Fantasy and Ms. McLeod has written a fast paced, in-depth story of the Fae and vampires. Cold Kiss of Death is book two of the Spellcrackers series, with The Sweet Scent of Blood being book one. I recommend reading Sweet Scent of Blood first as there was a lot of references I did not understand.

Cold Kiss of Death tells of Sidhe Fae Genny Taylor, a good strong leading character that is feisty and very much has a mind of her own. The secondary characters are just as memorable and fun! You get the kelpie, Tavish, and the satyr, Finn, and the very sexy Malik the Vampire. With twists and turns and a suspenseful ride, Cold Kiss of Death will leave you wanting more!!!

Spellcrackers Series

THe Sweet Scent of Blood

The Cold Kiss of Death

THe Bitter Seed of Magic

The Shifting Price of Prey- Coming Feb. 2012

Book Blurb for The Cold Kiss of Death

When sidhe-blooded Genny Taylor's friend is murdered and all evidence points to her, she goes on the run. But she's being pursued by some of the most powerful supernaturals in town-and one of them is most certainly the killer.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 4.50