An Unattractive Vampire

An Unattractive Vampire, by Jim McDoniel, is a weird book, and I say that in the best way. The story-line is quirky and the characters are incredibly strange. Yulric is hilarious with his daily antics. He really wants all to fear him, but his ugliness suggests he isn't scary at all. Amanda is unusual as well, but a perfect fit to 'befriend' Yulric. Simon rounds out the trio whose adventures will make you laugh, gasp and shake your head. This is a good book to spend the weekend with.

Book Blurb for An Unattractive Vampire

"Thought vampires were dead? Well of course they are, but Jim McDoniel proves that don't have to be boring. Or sparkly." Veronica Belmont and Tom Merritt, Sword & Laser

Jim McDoniel’s debut novel, An Unattractive Vampire, is a darkly comic urban fantasy of ancient horrors in suburban cities. After three centuries trapped underground, thousand-year-old Yulric Bile?also known as the Curséd One, the Devil’s Apprentice, He Who Worships the Slumbering Horrors?awakens only to find that no one believes he is a vampire. Apparently he’s just too ugly?modern vampires, he soon discovers, are pretty, weak, and, most disturbing of all, good. Determined to reestablish his bloodstained reign, Yulric sets out to correct this disgusting turn of events or, at the very least, murder the person responsible. With the help of pert vampire-wannabe Amanda; Simon, the eight-year-old reincarnation of his greatest foe; and a cadre of ancient and ugly horrors, Yulric prepares to battle the glamorous undead. But who will win the right to determine, once and for all, what it truly means to be a vampire?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2016 4.00