Closed Campus

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Closed Campus

Jane Zombie Chronicles, #1

Who, What, When, Where, Why and How are the questions I always ask myself when I'm reading a Zombie Apocalypse book. “Closed Campus” answers them throughout as the story unfolds. We find out who the heroine is and why she rises to being that character. We also get the why there are zombies and how the zombies appeared.

You have Jane the main character. I enjoyed traveling with her. Readers are in for a plot twist when it comes to the cause of the zombies. There is humor as well as adventure between the pages of this wonderful story. This book is really about ordinary people finding their strengths and weaknesses in a tense situation. They are living a life and death struggle every day. They need to survive.

I've always enjoyed reading end of the world books. Add a Zombie Apocalypse and I’m right there wanting to read about how things will unfold. “Closed Campus” is one of those books that I really like to find. Gayle Katz is a new author for me and I highly recommend this book. I look forward to the next book in the series, “Rotting Rage”.

Book Blurb for Closed Campus

No college orientation can prepare you for the zombie apocalypse…

Jane is homesick, lonely, and ready for a new adventure. When she starts her new radio gig at Scarlet Peak University, the worst thing she expects is a few late night prank calls. She never planned for zombies.

As the undead attempt to invade the station, Jane’s only chance of survival is to team up with a band of radio misfits. Together they have one chance to stop the sickness before it creeps off campus and threatens the world with annihilation.

Closed Campus is the first book in the Jane Zombie Chronicles, a series of post-apocalyptic novels with a twist. If you like undead zombie attacks, coming-of-age tales, and quirky characters, then you’ll love Gayle Katz’s debut novel.

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Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2018 4.00