Magic Slays

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Magic Slays

Kate Daniels, Book 5

Magic Slays by Ilona Andrews (husband & Wife Duo) is book five in the Kate Daniels urban fantasy series. It is one of my favorite series that I highly recommend for fans of a strong female lead, great supporting characters with stories filled with lots of action, violence, a bit of mystery and even humor. The world building is awesome and the authors use more than the standard tropes of werewolves and vampires. They use mythology and folklore from around the world instead of just the more common ones used in most urban fantasy. They even manage to give a twist with their use of vampires.

In this specific book, Kate has to deal with the consequences of her actions from the last book while also having to deal with family issues. On top of that, she no longer works for the Order of Knights and is desperate for clients as the Order is disparaging her good name. Then Atlanta's premier Master of the Dead calls to ask for help when a vampire goes loose. As it turns out, it is not an isolated incident and soon Kate finds herself embroiled in a mystery where it looks like there is no one to trust and that will put all that she holds dear in danger.

This novel showcases a lot of the various supernatural groups that make up Atlanta's power structure as well as a more in depth look of how one choice can affect a family for both good and ill. I appreciate a story that shows that even after winning (or surviving a battle) that there are consequences to a person's choices or actions that affect not only her, but those around her.

I give this one five stars as it is rated as a keeper.

Book Blurb for Magic Slays

Kate Daniels has quit the Order of Merciful Aid, but starting her own business isn't easy when the Order starts disparaging her good name. And being the mate of the Beast Lord doesn't bring in the customers, either. So when Atlanta's premier Master of the Dead asks for help with a vampire, Kate jumps at the chance. Unfortunately, this is one case where Kate should have looked before she leapt.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2011 5.00