Magic on the Hunt

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Magic on the Hunt

An Allie Beckstrom Novel, #6

Allie has saved Zayvion from death but as is the case when magic is involved there is a penalty to pay. They aren’t going to get to lie around to recover though. Things are really getting chaotic in Portland’s magic community. The leader of the Authority, the local magic governing body, has been kidnapped! A shadow man is wandering the streets looking for a body to take over. Other magical leaders aren’t acting like they should be. And, don’t forget Allie is sharing her mind and body with her dad because he‘s dead!

Usually I give lots of information about the story before actually getting into the review. Not this time because this is the sixth book in the Allie Beckstrom series and to be honest, you really should read at least a couple of the previous books before trying this one. While this book is very well written and you could possibly enjoy it, it would make much more sense if you have read previous books. There are several plots going on at the same time and a lot of back story that you would want to know to really get the entire picture.

All that being said, this is a really action packed story with tons going on. Allie and Zay are helping Shame and Terric search for Dane. Confused yet? Shame and Terric are magic users and possibly soul complements; which means they are two parts of the same soul and these pairs usually go insane. Dane shot Allie and probably knows where Sedra, the Authority leader is. The shadow man is actually like the essence of a former magic user who needs a body. Allie’s dad though invented computer disks that will make shadow people whole, until the disk runs out of power. As I said, you really do need to read previous books to be up to speed for this one.

And with everything else going on, Allie and Zay’s romantic interest in each other continues to ramp up. They have their disagreements but also learn compromise. By the end of this story, they learn they have to make some firm, strong boundaries to keep themselves sane and safe.

Oh, and you can’t forget that Allie is about to become a big sister! Yes, her father left a pregnant wife behind, just to make things more confusing.

Yes, there is a lot to keep track of but once you get involved with these characters; you don’t want to stop reading. They come alive and you begin to see Portland in a whole new way. You’re loyalties are torn along with Allie’s as she tries to figure out how to balance her beloved Hounds and the wishes of the Authority. Shame continues to fight his connection with Terric and your compassion becomes divided between the both of them.

This is an absolutely awesome series with a complex world set in familiar surroundings. With action and characters that can’t help but draw you into the drama and the dilemmas, you’ll find yourself ignoring everything as you travel along with Allie, Zay and their friends.

Book Blurb for Magic on the Hunt

In the secret lockup of the Authority, the council that decides what can and can't be done with magic, an undead magic user has possessed one of the prisoners. He wants his freedom-and then some. Now Allie Beckstrom and her lover, Zayvion, are the first line of defense against the chaos he's about to unleash on the city of Portland...

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 4.75