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Dark Days, Book 1

Mira has been a Nightwalker for centuries. She currently lives in Savannah GA where she controls the activities of all the Nightwalkers in the area. Due to her hard work, the Nightwalkers and the werewolves have a truce. But Mira has a past, a past where she had been held captive by the Naturi because she has elemental mastery over fire. This control of fire sets her apart from other Nightwalkers, as fire is one of the few things that can and will kill them. As Mira walks the streets she is in control of her surroundings and all who live in them except for this new person who has recently showed up and is killing fairly young Nightwalkers.
Danaus is a vampire hunter. He’s come to Savannah to hunt for Mira. He needs information that only she has and to get her attention he’s been killing Nightwalkers. On the night she finally makes sure to meet Danaus, she does it on her terms. Though blows are struck by each, neither really wants to kill the other. The meeting ends when Mira burns the house down that they are in.
Things start getting out of control quickly. Mira goes home with Danaus to find the Naturi that had captured and tortured her chained to a wall. In a fury, Mira burns him to ashes. A short time later, she finds the club she has recently left in flames and human as well as non-humans killed by Naturi searching for the one she had just killed.
The Naturi are supposed to be trapped behind a seal. This seal was placed and locked when Mira was rescued from them over 500 years ago. Now, they are out looking to break the seal completely so their queen can rule the earth and they can make the earth the way it’s suppose to look….without humans or other creatures.
In desperation, Mira joins ranks with Danaus to find the original triad that created the seal so that it can be resealed. They travel to Egypt to England looking for the way to stop the Naturi before it’s too late while working on changing each other’s perceptions of what they are.
This book takes creatures that everyone thinks they know and changes their definition. While the Nightwalkers or vampires do drink blood, they also can drink other liquids but not food. They have a definite hierarchy and rules, which they all must follow, or they are killed by the person in charge of that area. Vampires can be vicious and yet caring. Werewolves have jobs and like to fight. They especially like to fight vampires. They can be controlled by Naturi and made to act against their will. Naturi are what we would normally call fairies, sirens, and other mystical creatures. They are not the warm creatures of our bedtime stories. They want the earth to revert back to a time when only nature was around and humans were only slaves. They kill without regret and don’t care if it’s a woman, man or child as long as it’s human.
While the main story is about stopping the Naturi from reentering earth, there are several secondary stories that enrich this book. Mira and Danaus aren’t sure what to make of each other. They have been taught certain things that they believe to be the absolute truth so as these truths get challenged, they both have to change their perceptions.   Danaus is surprised when Mira doesn’t drain all the blood from those she drinks from while Mira learns that Danaus can be loyal. Mira was created by a vampire that she can’t stand to be around. Unfortunately, she has to protect her. Watching Mira try to protect her creator while searching for the third member of the triad, makes for interesting reading. And the Naturi aren’t just standing around. They are trying to kill Mira and get to holy places to make sacrifices to break the seal.
This book doesn’t have a dull moment. From beginning to end, things keep moving. Mayhem happens as well as creatures coming through walls and shots being fired. The Naturi keep growing stronger and Mira has to make a stand but with overwhelming odds, can she?
With this being the first book, I can’t wait for the next. After all, how often do a Nightwalker and a vampire hunter work together for the common good?

Book Blurb for Nightwalker

For centuries Mira has been a nightwalker--an unstoppable enforcer for a mysterious organization that manipulates earth-shaking events from the darkest shadows. But elemental mastery over fire sets her apart from others of her night-prowling breed...and may be all that prevents her doom.

The foe she now faces is human: the vampire hunter called Danaus, who has already destroyed so many undead.  For Mira, the time has come to hunt...or be hunted.

But in a dimension just beyond the world's boundaries, a banished race stirs dangerously, hungry for power, for domination, for vengeance.  Already a protective seal has been breached: already blood flows like a river through the world's great cities.

And only the collaboration of two sworn enemies can save humankind...and its feral brethren.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2008 4.00