Naked in the Garden of the Serpent

This is a funny new take on Adam, Eve and Lilith, as well as the serpent. Toss in a few ancient gods and goddesses and mix well and you create instant chaos. The only problem is that the female characters seem ditzy, and the male characters seem to be either cavemen or absent minded professor types. At times the characters seem to do an abrupt 180 degree turn in personality. The story idea was a really good one, I just don’t think it was executed very well. There seemed at times to be too many characters for the author to keep straight, and maybe that accounts for the feeling that this was just thrown together on a whim, or maybe as a dare. I get that this was supposed to be funny, and maybe the women were supposed to be a bit ditzy, I just think that it was taken too far and just seems a bit off. Parts were funny, but not all of it.

Book Blurb for Naked in the Garden of the Serpent

Naked in the Garden of the Serpent is like having ambrosia and nectar with Tom Robbins, A. Lee Martinez and the goddess Circe.

When a humble attorney accidentally summons the energy of goddesses to win the love of a co-worker, he has no idea that he will be drawn into the ancient war between Adam and Eve. Eve and her lover Bart, the serpent, have been on the run for eons, while Dr. Adam has been taking over modern civilization. With the help of a troupe of goddesses, they seek to defeat Dr. Adam, bring the power of the forbidden fruit to humans and find Lilith, Adam's first wife.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2012 3.00