Jonah wanders too close to the border between the real world and the fae world. Sela takes advantage of this, and brings him back to “The Company Town”. Sela’s plan is to use Jonah’s skin for passage into the real world to be warm. Sela introduces Jonah to Talfryn or Tal, as he prefers to be called. Tal help’s Jonah escape from the Company Town, but once he’s back in the real world, he has trouble fitting in. While to Jonah, it seems as if he’d only been gone a few days, it’s actually been almost 2 years. Finally, after 10 years, Jonah begs Tal to take him back with him. Tal doesn’t want to, but when Jonah threatens to kill himself if he doesn’t, Tal relents and takes him back.

Scripped is a new and original story that might not be everyone’s cup of tea. I had a hard time getting into this story, but I’m glad I finished it. I still don’t think I understand it completely, and think it could benefit from being a bit longer. It needed more explanations.

Book Blurb for Scripped

In an attempt to escape constant arguing, Jonah Gray wanders away from the family cabin deep in the West Virginia wilderness. But he wanders too far, over the borders to a Faerie land that could only exist in Appalachia.

Faerie-napping, cold knives, underground oppressors, horror stories, and unwilling affections threaten to suck him forever into their desolate Company Town. If they do, he’ll lose himself in every way possible.

You might escape the fae, but you can never go home. Not really.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 3.25